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Mystery Blogger Award and Creative Tag

I've been wanting to write this for a while, and I'm finally getting to it. Over the last two months, I've been nominated for two blogging awards/tags. These awards are fun because you get to learn more about me and discover some other amazing blogs at the same time! Mystery Blogger Award This award was… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award and Creative Tag

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Guest Post: How to Be a Good Friend

Hello, friends! I have something special for you today. Gayle from Every Little Thing is over here sharing her thoughts on how to be a good friend. Who doesn't need that kind of advice?! ☺ Reading her guest post is like talking to a friend, and you'll get honest, helpful advice from her in this… Continue reading Guest Post: How to Be a Good Friend

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An Open Letter to the Girl Who is Moving

Hey there, friend. I know how hard it is. Moving is tough, and today I want to encourage all of you who are moving this summer. First, I want you to remember that God is with you. Even if your friends desert you; even if no one welcomes you, God is still there. Even if… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Girl Who is Moving


A Running Start

So you want to join track? Already planning for next spring? If so, today I'm writing for you. As you probably know, I joined a middle school track team this past spring and had a great experience. I'm not a track or running expert by a long shot, but today I want to give you… Continue reading A Running Start

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Making Macaroons: What YOU Can Learn From MY Mistakes

Recently, I have been experimenting with pastries. I tried cream puffs, macaroons, and I am hoping to learn how to make baklava. Here is what I learned from my most recent recipe: buttercream macaroons. And don't worry… they are hard to make, but still doable.  If you like meringues you will enjoy these!   1. Don't… Continue reading Making Macaroons: What YOU Can Learn From MY Mistakes

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Getting Up When the Alarm Goes Off

"Beep ! Beep! " There goes my alarm! I groan and hit the snooze. Getting up in the morning is extremely difficult for me. Sometimes I press the snooze for hours. Sometimes I get up and freshen up for the day and then decide to go right back to bed. Then, there are those miraculous… Continue reading Getting Up When the Alarm Goes Off

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Taming the “Roller Coaster”

Have you ever heard the term "emotional roller coaster "? I feel that it describes teen-girl emotions pretty well. Recently, I felt like I was on the "good "side of my mood swings. Here is what has been helping me: 1. Exercise This is super simple, but extremely essential. Just run away from those "down… Continue reading Taming the “Roller Coaster”


How to Write (and Finish) a Story

Have you ever written a story?  Let me rephrase that.  Have you ever finished a story?  I recently finished a ten-page (single-spaced, 12pt 😉) story.  It was my first time completing a short story.  I wrote it for a writing collection for a writing class I attended at my local library.  The story was by no… Continue reading How to Write (and Finish) a Story

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Write Letters After Moving!💌 (Here’s Why…)

My mom recently told me that my love language is words.  When she said that, I believed her because of what I've seen in myself.  I write letters quite a bit, and if I love someone or am thankful for them, I will often write them a letter.  After moving to Ohio, I have spent… Continue reading Write Letters After Moving!💌 (Here’s Why…)

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Earrings and a Survey💍📜

I had my ears pierced about two years ago, and I still love to wear earrings.  Here are two types you should take a look at! 1. Amazima This is an amazing ministry founded by Katie Davis Majors, and they make beautiful earrings out of rolled paper.  I have a pair of the drop earrings,… Continue reading Earrings and a Survey💍📜