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Taming the “Roller Coaster”

Have you ever heard the term “emotional roller coaster “? I feel that it describes teen-girl emotions pretty well. Recently, I felt like I was on the “good “side of my mood swings. Here is what has been helping me:

1. Exercise

This is super simple, but extremely essential. Just run away from those “down in the dumps” feelings by literally running! It leaves you feeling lighter, happier, and more content. It even makes me more productive!  Find a fun way to exercise and stick to it!

2. The Great Outdoors

One of the things that running has done for me is getting me out of the house and into the fresh air. I’ve been able to enjoy the spring weather and spend time with friends at the same time.

3.  Be Productive

Recently, I started to notice how much time I have been wasting and how fulfilling it is to be productive! God made us for work, and sitting around can actually make  you feel worse! That fun movie, bowl of ice cream, or cozy bed is much more enjoyable after a productive and busy day. Besides, if you are productive and get your chores done in a shorter amount of time, you will have more time to serve others. Then you just won’t have the time for self-pity or overwhelming feelings!

4. Clean your room!😄

Haha, bet you didn’t see that coming! Yeah, yeah; you’ve heard your mom say this a million times, but seriously, this helps so much! Your room as a teen girl is like your “house” to keep tidy. Still not convinced? Just think about it!

Imagine walking into your room. Ouch! You just stepped on your school books and stubbed your toe on the stool in the middle of your room. With the desk and chair too piled with junk, you find a place on the clothing choked floor to sit down and finish your school. That sounds pretty depressing, right?  Now imagine yourself stepping onto a freshly vacuumed rug, opening up a clean window to let the fresh, crisp breeze inside, and easily sitting down to do some school. Much better, right?


Of course, our one goal in life is not to feel happy, but some of these tips could help take away some of that “roller coaster” feeling. You’ll still have bad days, but the number one thing to do is to bring your worries and feelings before your Heavenly Father and put the focus on Him. You won’t regret it.💙

3 thoughts on “Taming the “Roller Coaster””

  1. thanks for sharing these ideas to help us honor God with our emotions, Rachel. This is helpful counsel for teens and those of us who are much older! I might add one more: Do something for someone else. Getting my eyes off of my self and concentrating on loving others helps to bring my emotions under control. I am grateful again and again for our divine Helper, who enables and empowers us to honor and obey God with our emotions! Blessings.

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