How to Write (and Finish) a Story

Have you ever written a story?  Let me rephrase that.  Have you ever finished a story?  I recently finished a ten-page (single-spaced, 12pt 😉) story.  It was my first time completing a short story.  I wrote it for a writing collection for a writing class I attended at my local library.  The story was by no means a masterpiece, but it was a step towards writing something great later on.  In fact, I still need to work on editing it.  I am viewing it as a first draft.  I was so excited that I had finally finished a story!  It is not a book, but I am happy to have completed a storyline.  Everyone who has tried to write a story or book understands how easy it is to start and difficult it is to finish.  When I talk with other kids and teens who have tried to write a book or story, I find that we all struggle with the same thing: finishing the story.  Here are a few tips to help you write your story and finish it:

  1.  Make a Story Line or Plan 

One of the thing I learned in writing class is how to form a storyline.  Before you start to write your story, you need to make your plot.  The teacher said that a story is like a war.  The main character battles with something or someone throughout the story.  Sometimes he wins a “battle”, and sometimes he loses.   So the first thing you need to do is find a problem or conflict.  The character will have an idea to conquer the problem and fail/succeed again and again in the story.  Each idea and result makes a “battle”.

2. Draw From Real Experiences

When I am reading a good book, I usually enjoy it the most if I can relate to the character. When I wrote my little story, I found my writing to be more descriptive if I thought of things that have happened to me, things I felt, and things I’ve seen (five senses).  Even though I was writing a fairytale, it still helped the story.

3. Make Goals

 the main reason I could finish the story is because there was a deadline for turning it in. Set a goal, get an accountability partner, or make a deadline to finish the chapter, first draft, paragraph etc.  This will help you a lot! 

4. Be Open to Criticism

 I still have not had someone to read/edit my story, but I definitely plan on it! A different set of eyes will help you see your story in a new way to help you improve it.  Don’t just look for applause and compliments.  Ask someone what is wrong with your story, and don’t beat yourself up when you are criticized.

5. (Your Tip Here)

What helps you write?  What helps you finish your story? 

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