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Earrings and a Survey💍📜

I had my ears pierced about two years ago, and I still love to wear earrings.  Here are two types you should take a look at! 1. Amazima This is an amazing ministry founded by Katie Davis Majors, and they make beautiful earrings out of rolled paper.  I have a pair of the drop earrings,… Continue reading Earrings and a Survey💍📜

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Fashion Friday: Getting Organized, Part 2

Like I talked about last Friday, getting organized (and staying that way!) is very important.  Today for Fashion Friday, I am writing about how to organize accessories: earrings, hair things, and bracelets/necklaces  Your Earrings We love 'em, but we also tend to lose 'em.  Here are some tips on organizing your earrings.  And if you want… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Getting Organized, Part 2


How to Make Earrings.💎

I love making earrings, and I hope that after you make your first pair, you will love the process and result as much as I do!  I made my own way to put them together, and I have been perfecting and making it easier some.  So go get the supplies from a Hobby Lobby or… Continue reading How to Make Earrings.💎