Getting Inspiration for Writing

Have you ever had a writer's block?  Have you ever felt like you have absolutely no ideas for a blog post, paper, or story you have to write?  Here are a few fun, easy ways to gather inspiration.     1. Turn on the Music! For some reason, music gets my creativity going, and my… Continue reading Getting Inspiration for Writing


Top 5 Tips for Girls Who Are Moving!

I agree.  Moving is tough, stressful, and sad.  But if you handle it correctly, it can go a lot smoother.  I know a few of you are moving this summer, so here are five facts and five tips to help you out! 1st Fact: Moving away is really hard.  Especially if you are moving away… Continue reading Top 5 Tips for Girls Who Are Moving!


“My Crazy Hair Challenge” Post!

The four weeks are up and now it's time for you to see the final result of the challenge!  I put the type of hair or info about the tip in bold.  Drum roll, please... TIPS ABOUT CONDITIONER "...thin, straight and short" "Don’t use too much shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner is really bad for your… Continue reading “My Crazy Hair Challenge” Post!