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A Day in the Life: Hiking and Ice Cream

Time for something light and fun! Today, I’m finally doing a “day in the life” post. I’m going to just get right into it, but before I do, let’s take a quick detour. I’m brainstorming for this summer’s blog schedule and I’m considering doing another video. If you would be interested in another Q&A video,… Continue reading A Day in the Life: Hiking and Ice Cream

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How to Enjoy Prayer

Prayer journals, prayer walls, prayer closets... I tried to "get better" at praying for years, but I felt anything but joy whenever I actually thought about praying. Again and again, a wave of guilt would hit me, and I would end up focusing on myself - that I should pray more, that I should get… Continue reading How to Enjoy Prayer

Life Experiences

How I Schedule My Day and Stay Dilligent

It is currently 9 p.m., and today I’ve done about 6-and-a-half hours of school, gone on a run, cleaned parts of my house, and helped with my brother’s birthday party. And now, it’s time to blog because tomorrow is Saturday:) I’m a busy girl, and though my schedule clears up at times, I usually have… Continue reading How I Schedule My Day and Stay Dilligent

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When you want to give up…

My feet pound the track and my breathing echoes in my ears. Only 200 meters left. I hear my coach telling me to open up my stride as my teammates cheer my name. What people don’t see, though, is the battle happening in my mind. I’m debating with myself - trying to figure out if… Continue reading When you want to give up…

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Knocking Down Idols and Walking through a Door

It hurts, you know; giving up what you’ve wanted for all your life really hurts. It might be a petty dream or an expectation for how things were “supposed to go”, but when our hopes and dreams are left unfulfilled and our idols come crumbling down, it hurts. Many of us don’t want to give… Continue reading Knocking Down Idols and Walking through a Door

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From the Archives: Run to Jesus

Hey there, lovely readers! Today I’m republishing a post from a few months ago that’s really close to my heart. I hope it helps you remember Who to run to when you can’t measure up. ❤ I got so many awesome responses to my survey, so I’m hoping to implement some of your suggestions and… Continue reading From the Archives: Run to Jesus


DIY Jean Shorts (tutorial, video + tips)

I’m headed south for spring break, so I needed shorts to adjust to the weather. When I went thrift shopping for some new shorts, though, I couldn’t find any that worked for me. Shorts are so short nowadays. Even if you set the question of modesty aside, it’s not comfy to wear shorts that short.… Continue reading DIY Jean Shorts (tutorial, video + tips)

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What to Do When Jealousy is Ruining Your Friendships

She's so much prettier than me... She's so much nicer than me too... ...and she's skinnier. But I have a better personality...right? The comparison trap is real. We either compare ourselves to others and feel better about ourselves or we compare ourselves to others and feel worse. My comparisons have ruined many fun times with… Continue reading What to Do When Jealousy is Ruining Your Friendships

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I Need Your Input!

Hello, wonderful people! I hope you’re all having an amazing day! I just scheduled the next two posts for Joyful Creations, and I decided I need to check in with you all now and ask YOU what you want to get here on the blog. I want to hear what you like, what you don’t… Continue reading I Need Your Input!


Sweet Biscuits (Recipe + Video)

Today I had an open afternoon and a family recipe that I hadn’t ever tried, so I decided to test it and share the recipe with you! I made sweet biscuits - not quite biscuits, not quite cookies, but totally yummy. 😋 They’re great for breakfast or brunch and are super easy to make. Plus,… Continue reading Sweet Biscuits (Recipe + Video)