How to Stretch Post-Run

As you know, I am not a medical professional or personal trainer! Take my advice as you would take a friend's advice and consult professionals/adults before you do anything crazy! 😜 If the stretching creates a sharp pain, please stop before you hurt yourself. I. am. sore. For some reason, I decided to do a… Continue reading How to Stretch Post-Run

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When you want to give up…

My feet pound the track and my breathing echoes in my ears. Only 200 meters left. I hear my coach telling me to open up my stride as my teammates cheer my name. What people don’t see, though, is the battle happening in my mind. I’m debating with myself - trying to figure out if… Continue reading When you want to give up…

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Working Out for Beginners: Starting and Staying Consistent

Note: Of course, ya’ll know I’m not a trained dietitian or fitness instructor. I’m a teen like you. Take my advice like you would take a friend’s advice. Always consult professional/experienced people before trying anything crazy! 😜 I decided to write this partly to answer a question I received for my Q&A video: What is… Continue reading Working Out for Beginners: Starting and Staying Consistent