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Input Form (+ week 2 info)

Hello, beautiful people!! I hope you're doing well, and you've enjoyed your first week of running! I'm beyond excited for you! Like I said last week, the running guide is interactive, which means each week you send in your advice so I can update and improve the schedule for the following weeks. I posted the… Continue reading Input Form (+ week 2 info)

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Video Q&A: Favs, Faith, and Photography

Hello again, wonderful readers! Thank you so much for all the kind comments and enthusiastic encouragement you've been giving me. You made this new world of filming videos so exciting and fun for me. Thanks to your amazing questions, I'm back with part two of the Q&A! It's a bit longer than the last one,… Continue reading Video Q&A: Favs, Faith, and Photography

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How Running Changes the Way I View My Faith

I’m back!!! It’s been such a long time! September/October have been a crazy months full of school and cross country. High-school is a big step up, and it’s taken me a bit of time to adjust. I hope I’ll settle into a schedule soon. 😊 Since XC will be done for me in a week,… Continue reading How Running Changes the Way I View My Faith

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5 Workouts to Make You Run Faster

I've been running consistently now for over a year, and I've improved drastically in that time. My friend and I started running at the same time, and it makes us both excited to see how far we've come. Running has changed the way I look at life- I know I can get through pain and… Continue reading 5 Workouts to Make You Run Faster

Blogging Updates, Events, Goals, and Surveys

Share Your Passion Award

I'm really excited about posting this today! I think this is the perfect way that you can all get to know me better. I've been reaching out to other bloggers lately, and I'm finally getting connected with other like-minded teen bloggers! Along with this excitement, I was nominated for the "Share Your Passion Award". At… Continue reading Share Your Passion Award

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Christian, Where is Your Identity?

I tried to run faster, but I couldn't. No one pays attention to the slow ones, I thought. Later, I looked in the mirror and thought, I wish I was prettier. But then, with a groan, I realized I had done it again- I had put my worth and identity in what I could do… Continue reading Christian, Where is Your Identity?


A Running Start

So you want to join track? Already planning for next spring? If so, today I'm writing for you. As you probably know, I joined a middle school track team this past spring and had a great experience. I'm not a track or running expert by a long shot, but today I want to give you… Continue reading A Running Start