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Video Q&A: Faith, Friends, and Life

Hello, my friends! I stayed true to my promise and worked several hours filming and editing this Q & A video, and I’m really excited about the result. Thank you for all your amazing questions! After you watch, comment below if you want to see part two with my answers to more of your questions!… Continue reading Video Q&A: Faith, Friends, and Life

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Mystery Blogger Award and Creative Tag

I've been wanting to write this for a while, and I'm finally getting to it. Over the last two months, I've been nominated for two blogging awards/tags. These awards are fun because you get to learn more about me and discover some other amazing blogs at the same time! Mystery Blogger Award This award was… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award and Creative Tag

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Guest Post: How to Be a Good Friend

Hello, friends! I have something special for you today. Gayle from Every Little Thing is over here sharing her thoughts on how to be a good friend. Who doesn't need that kind of advice?! ☺ Reading her guest post is like talking to a friend, and you'll get honest, helpful advice from her in this… Continue reading Guest Post: How to Be a Good Friend

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“Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover…”

We huddled around the campfire waiting for our turn with the "talking stick" and listening closely to one another. One by one, girls were sharing their testimonies and revealing things about their lives that they had never shared before. Something stirred in my heart when someone burst into tears about something they had struggled with… Continue reading “Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover…”

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Write Letters After Moving!💌 (Here’s Why…)

My mom recently told me that my love language is words.  When she said that, I believed her because of what I've seen in myself.  I write letters quite a bit, and if I love someone or am thankful for them, I will often write them a letter.  After moving to Ohio, I have spent… Continue reading Write Letters After Moving!💌 (Here’s Why…)


Top 5 Tips for Girls Who Are Moving!

I agree.  Moving is tough, stressful, and sad.  But if you handle it correctly, it can go a lot smoother.  I know a few of you are moving this summer, so here are five facts and five tips to help you out! 1st Fact: Moving away is really hard.  Especially if you are moving away… Continue reading Top 5 Tips for Girls Who Are Moving!