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5 Workouts to Make You Run Faster

I've been running consistently now for over a year, and I've improved drastically in that time. My friend and I started running at the same time, and it makes us both excited to see how far we've come. Running has changed the way I look at life- I know I can get through pain and… Continue reading 5 Workouts to Make You Run Faster


A Running Start

So you want to join track? Already planning for next spring? If so, today I'm writing for you. As you probably know, I joined a middle school track team this past spring and had a great experience. I'm not a track or running expert by a long shot, but today I want to give you… Continue reading A Running Start

Life Experiences

3 Things I’ve Learned From Track Meets (that apply to everyday life).

We looked at each other as the baton clattered to the track. A silent message of fear passed between us from the look in our eyes. My relay teammate picked up the baton and quickly handed it to me. I bolted away. I ran my first away meet for track on Thursday. We crammed onto… Continue reading 3 Things I’ve Learned From Track Meets (that apply to everyday life).

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How Humility Hit Me In the Face

Track is hard. I'll be honest with you and tell you I'm not a runner. I got 16th in a mile race (last) and I was lapped. I try hard, but I am sometimes discouraged. Still, I'm thankful. Why? Because I now know what it's like to be last. I know what it's like to… Continue reading How Humility Hit Me In the Face

Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: Staying Warm Outside

I recently started track, and I am trying my best to get used to it.  Ohio weather is really unpredictable, and it is still cold outside.  In fact, we just got a quick dusting of snow a few minutes ago even though it is March. 😧 We basically follow this loose outline for track: we run inside… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Staying Warm Outside

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A Little PE…🚲

I'm homeschooled, so I don't do PE as part of my school day.  I either have to join a sports team, do some exercise by myself, or do something active with my family.  Today my mom, some of my siblings, and I went on a bike ride.  We live in an area that has a… Continue reading A Little PE…🚲