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Run to Jesus

I failed again. I had let my jealousy and pride control me, and I indulged in my sin guiltily. I was like a child who got her hand stuck in the cookie jar. Jesus saw me, and I hated that I was sinning, but I only grabbed tighter. I saw other girls getting attention, other… Continue reading Run to Jesus

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Outstanding Blogger Award

Hello, lovely readers! I have some fun stuff in store for you today! I'm doing another blogger award and answering some amazing questions. This is s the kind of post you’ll want to read in your favorite spot with a glass of lemonade in your hand. It’s like a sort-of-random conversation between sisters. 😜 AND… Continue reading Outstanding Blogger Award

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Died Before We Came – A Christian’s Call to Total Surrender

This article was originally featured on Written Lives. I wrote it as a guest post. Special thanks to Quiana for proof reading and editing the article. Be sure to check out her blog and her amazing work there! You can also read the guest posts she wrote for Joyful Creations here and here. James closed… Continue reading Died Before We Came – A Christian’s Call to Total Surrender

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August BUJO Spread

You enjoyed my bullet journal post back in January, so I thought you might like to take a look at my BUJO spread for August as well! I’m kind of proud of my August BUJO spread, and I’m excited to share it with you! XC is off to a good start, and school is going… Continue reading August BUJO Spread


3 Cute and Easy Summer Hairstyles

Can you believe its JUNE?! Summer is here!!! *cheers* Well, I guess it's technically been summer for a while now, but June seems really summery. Today I'm sharing 3 hairstyles with you for all the summer fun! It's difficult to find cute hairstyles that are quick and easy. I don't want to spend hours in… Continue reading 3 Cute and Easy Summer Hairstyles

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Satisfaction for Your Deepest Desires

"I would be happy if only (fill in blank)." What did you put in the blank? For some of you it might be a tight-knit friend group. For some of you it might be a job. Maybe you put "boyfriend" in the blank. We all have dreams. We dream about the future, and we wonder… Continue reading Satisfaction for Your Deepest Desires

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Beauty, Insecurities, and Contentment

I sigh as I look in the mirror. My hair is a mess, my face just had an outbreak of acne, and I feel depressed. I've worked on trying to get a hairstyle right for an hour, and I just can't make it look like the picture online. Finally, I give up and settle for… Continue reading Beauty, Insecurities, and Contentment

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Taming the “Roller Coaster”

Have you ever heard the term "emotional roller coaster "? I feel that it describes teen-girl emotions pretty well. Recently, I felt like I was on the "good "side of my mood swings. Here is what has been helping me: 1. Exercise This is super simple, but extremely essential. Just run away from those "down… Continue reading Taming the “Roller Coaster”