Introducing: Free 4-Week Running Guide

Want to start running but don’t know how?

I love to run.

I’ve been running on a team for over 2 years now, and – no exaggeration – it changed my life.

My overall mindset has changed, I am physically healthier, and I have improved emotionally as well. If you don’t know if running is for you or haven’t worked out on a consistent basis before now, check out some of my articles on the topic:

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When I sent out a poll a couple weeks ago, a number of you said that you’re interested in a startup running guide, and I’m so excited to bring the first week of it to you today!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: I am not a professional trainer or medical doctor. Take everything I say as you would take a friend’s advice, and talk to a professional or adult if you have any concerns. Though I think that this guide is not dangerous by any means, I am not responsible for any injury or mishap that may occur because of it. Also- please realize that many of the methods in the guide and much of the inspiration for it comes from my xc and track coaches. Full credit goes to them and what they have taught me. That being said, I reserve the rights to all these guides and have made an effort to ensure the content is as original as possible.

In the poll, I gave three categories for running: beginner (can run 0-2mi straight), intermediate (3-5mi), and advanced (6-8mi). Everyone landed in the beginner and intermediate categories, but I also made an advanced guide for this week in case one of you eventually wants something more difficult.

As I am releasing this, the guide is interactive! That means that I have only written the schedule for this week, and I will be using your input to personalize and improve the guide for the following weeks.




I’m so excited to hear from all of you! Have a wonderful week of running!! 😆

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5 thoughts on “Introducing: Free 4-Week Running Guide”

  1. Thank you Rachel! This is going to be soooooo helpful!😀…. I’ve been wanting to run for a while but I have asthma and other breathing problems and get out of breath and dizzy really easily so its hard and I don’t run.. Yet! … This is going to help me a lot! Thank you so very much!!!…😀😀😀.. I can’t wait to get started!

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