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Ep. 8: Contentment feat. Megan (+ giveaway winner!)

Are you happy where God has you? Or are you living life just looking ahead to the next big milestone or event? If so, I can relate 1000%, and you'll love this short and sweet podcast episode. Today, I sat down with Megan from Not So Perfect to discuss contentment, staying in the present, and… Continue reading Ep. 8: Contentment feat. Megan (+ giveaway winner!)

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Repost: Beauty, Insecurities, and Contentment

I’m back with another post from my archives! This article was first published in August 2019 here, and I’m really excited to share it with you again. Enjoy! ~ Rachel I sigh as I look in the mirror. My hair is a mess, my face just had an outbreak of acne, and I feel depressed.… Continue reading Repost: Beauty, Insecurities, and Contentment