Summer Outfit Inspo // F21 Haul

Hello, my beautiful, amazing people!! Today is a fun one for you guys... I was waiting for a cloudy day to take photos for this and it finally came. I've bought a lot of clothes lately between thrift stores and Forever21, so I thought I'd share some outfit inspo for you all. Before I Start… Continue reading Summer Outfit Inspo // F21 Haul

Fashion Fridays

7 Ways to Make an Outfit More Feminine (without changing your wardrobe)

Let’s be honest. We want to have cute outfits, but a plain t-shirt and pair of shorts alone aren’t enough. In my fashion blog posts, I always aim to help you put together adorable outfits without having to spend hours on them. When you have a plain, unflattering outfit, try a few of these tips… Continue reading 7 Ways to Make an Outfit More Feminine (without changing your wardrobe)

Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: Staying Warm Outside

I recently started track, and I am trying my best to get used to it.  Ohio weather is really unpredictable, and it is still cold outside.  In fact, we just got a quick dusting of snow a few minutes ago even though it is March. 😧 We basically follow this loose outline for track: we run inside… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Staying Warm Outside

Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday! 4 Outfits for School

Many of you are probably beginning to jump back into school, CC, or some sort of co-op.  Christmas break is over (or almost over), and we hop right back into school and activities.  Today I am using simple clothes from my closet to put together four easy, but good looking outfits for the upcoming school… Continue reading Fashion Friday! 4 Outfits for School