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Ep. 7: Dealing with Stress and Burnout

This time of year hits many of us like a ton of bricks. The last, long stretch before summer fills us with anxiety and stress, and it seems like everyone is asking us to do something.

But in these busy seasons, I’ve found simple, practical ways to reduce stress and thrive.

Today, I sat down with Kristen from The Care Cafe to discuss how to handle the stress of school and life without letting it get the best of you.

We talked about taking steps to make goals, stay organized, and ENJOY LIFE:) I’m so excited for you to listen in!

Today’s Question

“How do you handle the stress of life and school as well as how do you stay motivated to accomplish the things that need to be done?”

Listen on Anchor

Links and Resources to Check Out!!

Listen to Kristen’s podcast here.

And our interview on boundaries and friendships on her podcast here.

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Let’s Talk!

What are some practical ways you avoid stress and burnout during busy seasons of life?

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 7: Dealing with Stress and Burnout”

  1. This was so relatable! Especially the part about “relaxing” on screens. To be honest, I enjoy life by getting things done. I love doing those repetitive chores where I can just think and pray while I’m doing them. To stay organized I create routines and follow a planner. It’s funny how everyone organizes so different from each other!
    As always, thanks for doing this blog and podcast; it has really encouraged me.

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