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5 Things I’m Doing this Summer That I’ve Never Done Before

Summertime is fun, but like I said before, it’s easy to let the precious hours slip by. There are several things that have piqued my interest in the last week that I would LOVE to do this summer, and I thought you might be interested in the ideas as well! But before you read, get out your bucket lists — I’m confident you’ll want to add a couple of these to your summer plans as well!

Note: this post contains affiliate links. All ideas and recommendations are 100% honest and my own. I only share things that I actually support/think you will enjoy!!

Get a Freelance/Copywriting Job

Freelance writing has come onto my radar rather recently. I came across this article about ways to make money from home. That article led to others, and I eventually found a few lists of places that pay for freelance and copywriting (not copyrighting; that’s different). A few days later, my family’s friend (who runs an amazing business) introduced me to a co-worker/friend of hers who does freelancing and copywriting for a living — and she got started when she was just 15! I realized that even as a teen, having an actual job as a writer is definitely within reach. If you’re interested in something like that as well, she recommended two books to me on the topic: Writer’s Market and The Copywriter’s Handbook. She also suggested I start with the Writer’s Digest website. I’m already working on a sort-of-freelance article for a magazine right now, but I’m curious to see what other freelance writing I can do.

Read a Verse Novel

If I find a good book, I can read/listen for hours, but I usually pick up thick, deeply thought-provoking books that I can’t read for long without tiring. A friend of mine recently recommended novels-in-verse. Simply put, verse novels tell a story through a series of poems, and she said they are generally lighter, shorter, and easier to read, making them much more approachable for summer afternoons. My friend recommended Red, White, and Whole, which I’m planning to get from the library very soon!!

Learn Cute Nail Designs

I already got started with this item from my summer bucket list, and I’m very excited to do more! I painted my nails with this cute white and orange design (using washi tape to cover up half of my nail and then painting over it. I had to have my little sister do the white base because I’m always messy when I paint my own nails. XD).

Here are some other designs I want to try! Ideas and images from here and here.

Participate in a Triathlon

I swim, run, and bike on a regular basis, so I think triathlons could be perfect for me. I’m planning to start with a sprint triathlon, along with a duathlon and a splash-and-dash, to get a feel for what triathlons are really like. I’m having a bit of a problem getting signed up for the triathlon near us due to the fact the organizers might not accept athletes under 18. If I can’t participate in an official event though, I’ll probably just grab some friends and do my own, unofficial triathlon.

Bake Stuffed Cookies

Ahhh, these look amazing, amiright?!! I saw these cookies a while back on Sugar Spun Run, and though they look a bit overkill, they also look super delicious! These are the ones I want to try (here and here).

Let’s Talk!

Which one of these ideas most interests you? Are you trying anything new this summer?

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P.S. look at this beautiful rainbow that showed up near us a few days ago!

12 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Doing this Summer That I’ve Never Done Before”

  1. These all sound fun! I love the nails. I hope you are able to do all of these. Keep is posted on the freelance job. I want to start doing freelance work, too but I’m not sure where to start. I’ll check out those books, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh, cute nail designs… a thing I’ve always loved but failed miserable at! 😂 I always end up making a mess! Being a copywriter sounds so neat! As a grammar person, I’ve always been interested in being a copy editor– just another “someday” idea of mine!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh these sound so fun! Best of luck in freelancing. And wow, I’ve never heard of verse novels before, but they sound so cool! I shall have to try one.

    It’d be so awesome if you could do a triathlon!! 😀 You’ll have to tell us all about it when you do. I’ve always wanted to do one, but my knees hate running. THEN I recently discovered a thing called Aquabike, which is basically a triathlon without the run, and now I really really want to do that one day. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And thank you!! Let me know what you think of the verse novel!

      I know, right?!! I will definitely blog about it when I do! Ooh cool! An Aquabike sounds really fun. It all sounds like a big challenge, but challenges are fun, right? 😂 😃 Thanks for reading and commenting, Elisha! I love hearing from you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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