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T-Shirt Unwrapping (feat. Reeve’s Tees)

People are often afraid of the unknown. Because of this, many avoid those with Down syndrome. I believe, though, that when we avoid interacting with them, we’re missing out on getting to know amazing people.

That’s why I’m so excited about Reeve’s Tees. My neighbors started this business after their son, Reeve, was born with Down syndrome, and they’re making a difference in the lives of those with Down syndrome and other special needs, along with their families and friends. They say it best on their website:

Let’s be honest – people don’t always know how to react when they see someone with Down syndrome or chromosomal conditions.

They may feel sorry for them.  They may assume that their families are sad.  They may not know what to say, so they avoid them all together.

Reeve’s Tees began with a simple mission:  to help others “Get Comfortable with Difference.”  We wanted to develop unique ways to express the love, joy, and pride felt within the Down syndrome and special needs community.  We wanted to show the world that families and friends are not sad – we are proud, and we celebrate the differences that our loved ones bring!

We believe that loving humor is a great path to acceptance. That’s why we began making t-shirts with funny and unique sayings that would help people see our community in new ways.  Our hope is that our shirts will help people ask new questions, make new friendships, and see that differences can be celebrated rather than feared. (See more here)

I’ve gotten to know this amazing family over the last year, and after hearing their story, I wanted to tell you all about it!

Raising awareness is important. When more people are “comfortable with difference”, we’ll see less abortions and more love for these happy people!

This is not a sponsored post, but I want to tell you girls about their business because how much I love what they’re doing (and also how much I love their t-shirts!!). Their story is inspiring to me, and I thought you would all find it encouraging too. If you want to check out Reeve’s story, you can read more here.

Now for the t-shirt unwrapping!

It has such a cute package, doesn’t it?

It comes with a small card telling the customer a bit about Reeve’s Tees and their packagers. It also has a place telling who packaged your t-shirt!

The t-shirt is super comfortable! My oldest brother mentioned the other day how much I’ve been wearing it (a lot!).😂 Reeve’s Tees has new COVID-19 t-shirts, and this was one of them. There are some really clever and funny products in the collection! I would definitely encourage you to take a look! You can see their new collection here.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! If you aren’t following Joyful Creations, click here and join the community!

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