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A Poem about Pride (and our Savior)

Today, I’m going out of my comfort zone and publishing a poem I wrote about a year ago. I’ve been too nervous to post it until now, but I figured I would just go for it! … I think my pride was holding me back from potential embarrassment anyway (ironic, huh?). ♥♥♥

It clasps me in its bitter grip;

I hate it all the more;

It holds me, tells me with a sneering lip:

I am the best of all.

I love my pride, I hate it.

I hold onto pride, I fight it.

Why is the battle so very hard?

Why will my heart not humble before the LORD?

Why, when Jesus gave it all for me,

do I still bow down to MYSELF on bended knee?

So I may be the best?

So I may bring others to the ground?

I hate it when I see it…

I run when I hear of it…

But hate and run, I cannot be free of it!

Humility and pride are ironic things;

the former contrary to human nature.

Selfishness and boasting, yes, those are pride;

but scariest of all is the secret kind:

The pity that is reserved for self,

caring nothing for anyone else;

Hiding in work for others,

staying in a lamb’s innocent colors.

Pride in ‘humility’ is indeed a thing;

though everyone praises me,

I act just like them too:

I am humble for my ego,

I am good for myself.

Our pride indeed is a terrible thing.

We exalt ourselves and push others down.

Worse still, we judge God and try to take away His throne.

God still reigns, but we cannot see it:

for pride blinds us to a judgement coming

from One mightier than ourselves, in heart, in wisdom, in spirit.

Who judges the living and the dead,

Who humbles those who exalt themselves,

Who repays evil men and deals justly with their sin.

Me without Jesus is a terrible thing.

I desire to do good,

but was it right? was it wrong?

Jesus gives me a purpose.

Jesus gives me a motive.

Jesus gives me a reason to say,

“No! Give glory to Him who deserves it!”

My mirror image grows dull and lifeless

when my eyes meet those of my King and lifeblood.

He’s the one who matters most;

the one I’ll serve no matter the cost.

Why would I exalt myself

while God is on the throne?

Why would I push others down

when love calls with a glorious sound?

Jesus saved me, the Lord has called me.

Pride won’t have its grip on me

as I worship in the presence of my King.

No, I’m not worthy, good, or enough for the world;

But I have a God who is all those things and more.

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Have you ever written a poem before? What do you do when you find pride in yourself?

8 thoughts on “A Poem about Pride (and our Savior)”

  1. Wow!!!!! You captured these concepts so well with words– very well written! Pride is so tricky and easy to be ensnared in without realizing it– we love it and hate it. This poem really encourages me to think deeply. Thanks for going out of your comfort zone and posting this!

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  2. Aahh I love this poem Rachel! It was so powerful and hit so close to home, especially the second group of verses with “Pride in humility.” That is definitely something I struggle with and have to really guard my heart against, which is hard because it’s so subtle and hard to pinpoint sometimes. But this was such a great reminder. ❤

    (also those pictures are beautiful! 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

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