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Pridefulness: the Secret Sin Stealing Your Joy

Another post on theReb! This pandemic severed our social lives, and many teens are turning to social media to fill some emptiness. As we scroll through happy pictures, jealousy creeps into our minds before we can stop it. Looking at huge successes of other bloggers can turn my happy attitude into discouragement as I look… Continue reading Pridefulness: the Secret Sin Stealing Your Joy

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A Change of Focus

As COVID-19 ravages the globe, we're all stuck at home in quarantine… and I'm wondering how long my patience will last. During the next few weeks, siblings will get on our nerves, we'll get irritated at the lack of activity, and it will be difficult to not have angry outbursts. We also might stay disappointed… Continue reading A Change of Focus

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How Humility Hit Me In the Face

Track is hard. I'll be honest with you and tell you I'm not a runner. I got 16th in a mile race (last) and I was lapped. I try hard, but I am sometimes discouraged. Still, I'm thankful. Why? Because I now know what it's like to be last. I know what it's like to… Continue reading How Humility Hit Me In the Face