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How Humility Hit Me In the Face

Track is hard. I’ll be honest with you and tell you I’m not a runner. I got 16th in a mile race (last) and I was lapped. I try hard, but I am sometimes discouraged. Still, I’m thankful. Why? Because I now know what it’s like to be last. I know what it’s like to be unsure and out of place. God put me in this position for a reason . Thankfully, I am finally getting comfortable in track, but I think one of the reasons I needed this was because I needed to know I’m not the best, brightest, fastest, kindest. I don’t measure up; I know I’m not enough. Through different things in my life, I’ve started to come face-to-face with my pride, sin, and weakness. I have excelled in CC this past semester. I know what it is to know the answers and get good results on quizzes. When this happens, is so easy to put myself on a platform in my mind. We all need a splash (or tsunami) of humility to hit us in the face. In other words, we need to get to a place where we get to know how weak, unworthy, and sinful we are. Track is great, but it has not made me feel like the “best”, “amazing”, or “enough”. That’s a good thing. I recently listen to a podcast called, “You are Not Enough ” . I highly recommend it. The host explained that if we were enough, then we would would have no need for Christ. But this is not the case because we are not enough. We are dependent, incomplete, weak people in need of a Savior. We try to make ourselves feel better by saying that we “measure up “by ourselves, this misses the mark and still leaves us empty. We need to understand that we are in need of Christ. We are not enough. Christ is enough. Humility is extremely hard to swallow. I don’t feel good in embarrassing situations or times when I feel out of place, but these times and situations help us. They help us lean on Christ, have a heart for the last/”least of these”, and have a healthy view of ourselves. Pride is a struggle for all of us. Remember that God loves you and your family in Christ equally. He is not partial. (Romans 2:11) Today, try to act like Jesus and be humble by thinking of others before thinking of yourself. Have you had an experience like I had with track? How will you show humility today? P.S. One of the reasons my mom said she put me in track (other than being active) was to “build my character. I guess track fulfilled its purpose.😂

4 thoughts on “How Humility Hit Me In the Face”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful message Rachel! Pride is something I really struggle with and this is just what I needed to hear!


  2. Ahh, Rachel, obviously God loves you and is refining your character! The Lord is using a hard and painful circumstance in my own life to do his humbling work. May we grow into his likeness 💕

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