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A Day in the Life: Hiking and Ice Cream

Time for something light and fun! Today, I’m finally doing a “day in the life” post.

I’m going to just get right into it, but before I do, let’s take a quick detour. I’m brainstorming for this summer’s blog schedule and I’m considering doing another video. If you would be interested in another Q&A video, fill out this form and give me your questions/video ideas! If I get enough interest, I’ll try to do that in the next few weeks. Also- if you want me to do an assumptions video, send me your assumptions! Thank you!!

Alright, let’s get right into my day in review!

Today’s morning was pretty uneventful. I got to sleep in till 10:30ish and clean my room a bit. Plus, I worked on writing letters to my teachers at PEP.

I also listened to the Cimorelli Podcast and several Ray Comfort evangelism interviews.

I also found this really fun song while listening to it!

Then, my brother’s baseball team had an outing and my family tagged along. We went on a hike and it was so pretty! There was a lot of mud and rocks and tripping hazards, but the weather was beautiful. 🤩

We got ice cream afterwards. I got rocky road chocolate ice cream and it was DELICIOUS:) 😋

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you all had an amazing Saturday as well!!

Let’s Talk!

What did you do today?

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7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Hiking and Ice Cream”

  1. What a fun post! Thanks for taking us inside a day in your life. I love the pictures! I really love pictures of rapids and moving water, because it so cool and pretty. The water looks so clear! I also enjoy listening to the Cimorelli podcast– I’ve been a big fan of Cimorelli ever since I heard about them from you!

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  2. Aw this is so fun, I love all the pics too- they’re so vibrant!! My weekend certainly hasn’t been as fun as yours but yesterday I didn’t have too much school work for the first time in a long time so I caught up on some art which was nice! 💛

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