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10 Ways to Make Today Amazing

Hello, amazing people! I hope you are all having a fantastic day! But if you’re having a “bleh” day, you’re in the right place. Today I’m sharing simple, accessible ways to make a mediocre day better. I’m an optimistic person, but sometimes I need a boost to keep my energy going in the average week. So, without further ado, here are ten ways to enjoy a routine day!

1. Happy Music

If you have to drive to work or ride to school, make it a part of the day you look forward to. I have to ride to PEP (my school program) two times a week, and I actually look forward to it because of my music. Even if I have nothing else to be excited about, I can get excited about my music in the car:) If you want some music ideas, check out my music post here.

If you want to see new music suggestion posts here on my blog, let me know in the comments!

2. Intentionally Relax

If I spend an hour on YouTube in the middle of the day, I feel horrible. On the other hand, if I plan to relax in the evening or plan to take a break at a specific time, I can work toward it, and really enjoy my rest. Plan out a cozy evening you can look forward to. You can do some stretches, take a hot shower, drink hot cocoa – just plan something fun you can look forward to (that ideally doesn’t take a lot of prep).

3. Participate in Random Holidays

I know this is a bit odd, but even if you make up a day to get dressed up, do/wear something unusual, or look up a list of random holidays, it can bring a fun change of pace into your average day.

Speaking of random days, did you know today is National Soup Swap Day? Haha, there’s something for every day!

4. List Things You’re Thankful For

I’m currently challenging myself to fill up one sticky note every day with things I’m thankful for. When I reflect on the little things that bring me joy, I notice how much happens in “a routine day” that’s actually out-of-the-ordinary. There’s so much we take for granted. When we look around and notice the good things in our lives, we can even be thankful for our most “average” days.

5. Exercise

I really thrive on exercise. Right now, I usually do a Sydney Cummings workout (not sponsored!) to clear my mind. It’s my way to have something consistent in my day and stay active in the winter. I encourage you to find a way to exercise that you enjoy and then intentionally set aside time to get it done. Often the hardest part is just putting on workout clothes.

6. Make Plans for the Weekend

A lot of the tips in this post are about giving yourself something to look forward to. That’s because it’s easier to complete your tasks if you’re working towards something. Your plans don’t need to be complicated. Just plan to work on a hobby, learn a new braid, sleep in, go on a bike ride, or watch a movie… something you can look forward to even when you see a very long to-do list.

7. Get a Fun Treat or Meal

Food is awesome, amiright? Lunch is often my much-needed break from school, so if I have my favorite sandwich bread or some yummy cookies to look forward to, it really makes my workload less intimidating. Try buying your favorite snack just for your work/school break. You may be surprised at how a small treat can brighten up the daily grind:)

8. Work in a Clean Area

Working in a clean workspace is 100% better than working in a dirty one. Clean and organize the places you spend a good chunk of your time (your car, your room, your cubicle, even your backpack) and then knock out your to-do list in your newly-cleaned space.

9. Random Acts of Kindness

Making someone else’s day can brighten yours too. Give a kind letter, a small gift, or even a friendly wave, and enjoy the smiles you get in return. ❤

10. Start Your Day with God

Last, but DEFINITELY not least. Starting my day with God helps me pull out of my routine, stop complaining, and look to God and the good news of the gospel. Start the day right (or if you’re a night person, end it right!)!

Wondering where to start with devotions? Check out my 10 Practical Tips for Reading God’s Word Consistently.

Let’s Talk

How do you make average days more fun?

P.S. did you notice all my photos? I got a new camera, and I’ve been taking lots of beautiful pictures for Joyful Creations!! Be on the lookout for more original photography!

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8 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Today Amazing”

  1. I enjoy finding and putting together fun, budget-friendly items for “no reason” gifts for friends!
    I have things stashed in a tub.
    Over & over again I’ve found the Lord puts on my mind someone who could use a bit of “I was thinking about you today” encouragement! ♥️

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  2. These are great ideas! I actually was having a “bleh” day, so this post was a blessing! ❤ The photography was great too! That’s something I’ve always wanted to look into. What brand of camera did you get?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. BTW, I would love to see some music suggestion posts on your blog in the future! I’m looking for some clean, uplifting music that I can feel good about listening to, but explore some fresh new songs to “expand my listening horizons “!

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