Top 5 Tips for Girls Who Are Moving!

I agree.  Moving is tough, stressful, and sad.  But if you handle it correctly, it can go a lot smoother.  I know a few of you are moving this summer, so here are five facts and five tips to help you out!

1st Fact: Moving away is really hard.  Especially if you are moving away from close friends.

1st Tip: Be sure to keep in touch and keep the friendship going!  Facetime, Skype, email, and text each other!  You might even be able to plan a day when you go back and visit them!

2nd Fact: At first, it will feel really strange living in a new house (and maybe even state!).

2nd Tip:  Unpack your room as soon as possible and then help your family unpack the rest of the house.  Once your belongings are out of the boxes and arranged in your room, it will feel more like home!

3rd Fact:  Unpacking and finding your things can be hard.

3rd Tip: As the packers box up your belongings, label the boxes and write notes on them to remind yourself what is in them (e.g. “Backpack, Craft supplies, shoes”).

And here is the last tip:

Sometimes I felt like giving up after moving.  I didn’t want to try to make friends and didn’t want to try to get used to things.  I just wanted to snap and get back to Illinois and our old home!!  But I found that I can’t “just snap and get back to normal”.💙.   Here are three things to remember if you feel like I did:

1. Trying to make friends pays off in the end.

2. Trust God through it all, and try to take this opportunity to get to know Him better.  When you aren’t in your comfort zone, that can help you rely on Him more!

3. Also, use this opportunity to connect with old friends through letters and emails!  It will be great catching up with them again!  You have much more time on your hands after moving because you probably will not jump right into a busy schedule with innumerable activities.

When we move we sometimes see that we were relying on our friends, school or co-op, and activities way too much!  If you are moving, remember that God is moving you for a PURPOSE!  He doesn’t give you trials without a reason, and moving actually has great potential.  Ask God why He put you in a new location, and trust that He knows what is BEST for you!!

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