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Quality Songs to Brighten Your Day

In my last post, I asked you girls if you wanted to see more music suggestions. You said yes, so I put together a four playlists from several different genres for you to enjoy. I'm going to stick to songs that are clean and wholesome, so these playlists will help you explore different genres of… Continue reading Quality Songs to Brighten Your Day


My Favorite Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas! Although this season is usually busy and a bit stressful, I am awestruck when I think of the miracle we celebrate in December: that God would come to save us, unworthy and sinful people as we are. I hope all of you are having an amazing holiday season and are not forgetting the… Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Playlist


5 Songs to Dance to 🎧

Hey there! I'm trying something a bit more casual today. Let me know what you think about this post in the comments below! Yes, I do dance. I usually dance in my room with my headphones on when nobody is around. At least, I do something that could be called "dancing". 😉 There's a reason… Continue reading 5 Songs to Dance to 🎧