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Quality Songs to Brighten Your Day

In my last post, I asked you girls if you wanted to see more music suggestions. You said yes, so I put together a four playlists from several different genres for you to enjoy.

I’m going to stick to songs that are clean and wholesome, so these playlists will help you explore different genres of music all while keeping your headphones filled with good stuff. I made these playlists with both my younger and older readers in mind so everyone can enjoy them!

That being said, some of the songs in the playlists are by artists that have made other, unwholesome songs. So for you younger readers, please be aware of that and don’t explore all the albums from these artists. I made these playlists on a song to song basis, not artist to artist.

If you’re curious on my perspective on music, check out my article Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?. Music is a highly controversial topic, but I think the post is applicable to all Christians, no matter their music tastes.

I made all these playlists on Spotify, so you can follow your favorites by searching my profile: “Rachel @ Joyful Creations”.

All that said, let’s check out some music!


Country is my favorite genre, so I’ll start this post with a country playlist. Country music is great for car rides and chill afternoons (and, if you’re like me, basically any other time 😉).


I hear many teens (myself included) complaining about the lower quality of some songs in the Christian genre. Many are repetitive or full of feel-good fluff. I put together this playlist of quality Christian music. From calm and deep to upbeat and simple, I think these songs are worth listening to.

Workout Music

It can be hard to find wholesome AND motivating songs for workouts. Here’s a playlist with songs from a number of different genres to help you crush your next workout.

Happy Music ☀

If you need a smile or feel like dancing, check out this upbeat playlist. Again, the songs come from several different genres, and you’re sure to find something to bop to. 😊 Enjoy!

I went on quite the music search to find these songs, so I hope you all thoroughly enjoy them. Don’t forget you can follow your favorites on Spotify!

Let’s Talk

What’s your favorite song right now?

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6 thoughts on “Quality Songs to Brighten Your Day”

  1. Thanks for posting this! Great suggestions! I’ll be sure to follow these playlists on Spotify!
    Right now, my favorite song is Revolutionary by Josh Wilson. I love his songs! Borrow (One Day At A Time) is another good one of his!

    Liked by 1 person

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