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Seeking Him Book Review

“Revival does not begin when a struggling, wayward person decides to return to the Lord but rather when the loving heavenly Father, wanting His people to enjoy the safety and security of His love, calls him or her back to Himself. God is the initiator; the call to revival is a plea of love from the heart of God.”

Seeking Him

Have you ever felt as though your relationship with God is hanging by a thread? Is your spiritual life empty? Are you confused about the distance between you and God? Do you need Him to draw near to you and to refresh your soul?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be in need of revival.

Hosea 10:12

Sow for yourselves righteousness;
Reap in mercy;
Break up your fallow ground,
For it is time to seek the Lord,
Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.

Christians need to be revived again and again. This revival is not a mere emotional-high or exciting experience. True revival is when God breathes life back into His children and draws them back to Him, and all Christians are in need of it. Many Christians begin their walk with God with excitement and often experience deep intimacy with God. However, their energy eventually lessens, and they wonder what happened to make them so empty. At this point, Christians are in need of refreshment in their relationship with God.

James 4:8 

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Hosea 10:12 and James 4:8 show us how to be revived. God promises to draw near to His children if only we seek Him. Seeking God includes “breaking up fallow ground” and leaving our sin behind us.

Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth and Tim Grissom co-authored a book, Seeking Him, in 2001. The book laid out how to seek God in order to “experience the joy of personal revival.” God used the book to bring revival to many of His people. Thankful letters flooded in with testimonies of God’s grace.

Last year (2019), they updated and revised the book. The new copy of Seeking Him is more compact and has numerous quotes and insight added in the sidebar. Several of the letters from the first book were also included as illustrations.

Seeking Him is a convicting and practical guide that shows readers how to seek God (hence, the title😉). The interactive questions, prompts, and self-assessments help to keep readers engaged and thinking. The questions in this book are some of the most helpful questions I’ve ever come upon. They provide a way to search your heart in specific matters, to assess your life, and to be honest before God. Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth and Tim Grissom don’t do all of the explaining. Instead, the readers are prompted to study the Bible for themselves.

The first seven lessons focus on our relationship with God. The topics of humility, honesty, repentance, grace, holiness, and obedience are covered in a very appropriate order and presented in a very convicting way. The authors remind us of our state before God, and when we begin to despair over our inability, they bring grace into the picture with tremendous impact.

The next three sections focus on our relationships with others. The authors lay out a step-by-step plan to defend against impurity, to clear the conscience , and to remove bitterness. Again, the tactfully posed questions, relying ultimately on the Holy Spirit’s power, help to point out an unforgiving heart or unconfessed sin.

The last two chapters are about being filled with the Holy Spirit and having a personal devotional life. These chapters cover the power of “walking in the Spirit” and look at the “fruit of the Spirit” in the life of a believer. In the last lesson, the authors highlight the importance of spending time with God on a regular basis, something that is key to maintaining your relationship with the Lord.

Seeking Him was powerfully written and is adjustable so that even busy moms can do the study. It has optional readings for going deeper into Scripture and also has a guide for a small group Bible study. I highly recommend Seeking Him. I bookmarked the study more times than I can count and saved numerous quotes for later. Each lesson is tailored to fit a week and is divided into 5 days. This setup leaves room for catching up after a busy week and also going in depth when you are hungry for more.

This book showed me how to seek God and encouraged me to cry out for Him for grace. Revival is incredible. God points out sins and softens our hearts so that we can truly know and love Him. And it all starts by seeking Him!

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Great job on this review, Rachel! You’re good at writing them. This book sounds it would be helpful for me! In fact, I might look into it myself! 🙂

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