Getting Your Friends Involved and A Surprise Gift

Last year, I got my family involved in my spinning and they are still very involved.  This year for Spinzilla I worked on getting my friends involved.  Because I am a team leader with my aunt, I had to find kids for my team.  I recruited some of my friends, met some new friends with the classes, and now we have an awesome team.  My mom and I hosted a spin-in at our house on Monday and one of the girls spun 32 yards!  She spun all that yarn in two hours! I also had a wonderful surprise about 30 minutes before we began the spin-in.  The girls did not have their own wool and I did not know what to do; but 30 minutes for the spin-in began, a box of 28 bags of wool arrived!  I was so happy, thankful and surprised.  The wool was generously donated by Gate City Yarns.  When I visited the store last month, I was cheerfully welcomed and enjoyed seeing all the different yarn and spinning supplies.  You can find them at http://www.gatecityyarns.com. I hope that your Spinzilla week is going really well and that you spin lots!

The box of wool!🐑

3 thoughts on “Getting Your Friends Involved and A Surprise Gift”

  1. Rachel, I especially enjoyed the part about having a spin in. With 30 minutes before the spinners got there, a “surprise” gift arrived. Just in time. Exactly what was needed. Isn’t that just like our gracious God? I was mindful of George Mueller, the missionary to English orphans. There was no food for those children. Yet he gathered them together at the table and said the blessing. And suddenly a milk truck malfunctioned and he had to get rid of all that milk…. to the orphans. Then a baker had so much that wasn’t bought. He brought lots of bread to the orphans. “And my God shall supply all your needs according to….” remember that verse? He supplied your need. Give Him a big Thank you!!!! Lovely post!

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