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My First Week of School (outfit inspo, poll, and challenge)

The craziness has begun. 🙃 My school is back in full swing, cross country meets have started, and summer is quickly vanishing from my calendar. It's sad that summer break is over, but my first week has gone pretty well! I'll give you a recap of some of the outfits I've been wearing, things I've… Continue reading My First Week of School (outfit inspo, poll, and challenge)


3 Ways to Improve Your LTW Papers📝

All of you who use Lost Tools of Writing Curriculum know what I mean when I say that the LTW outlines seem to be strict and basic.  I've heard other kids comment on how "strict" it is, but today I want to try to give you another take on their style and how to use… Continue reading 3 Ways to Improve Your LTW Papers📝

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Fashion Friday! 4 Outfits for School

Many of you are probably beginning to jump back into school, CC, or some sort of co-op.  Christmas break is over (or almost over), and we hop right back into school and activities.  Today I am using simple clothes from my closet to put together four easy, but good looking outfits for the upcoming school… Continue reading Fashion Friday! 4 Outfits for School


Bluebooks for Semester One!

This past Tuesday, my CC class had Bluebooks!  Page-after-page, assignment-after-assignment, our class of Challenge A worked through the test.  It was mentally challenging and wore me out, but all-in-all it was an interesting, beneficial, and a new experience.  Preparing for the Latin section of the test caused me to review all I had learned in… Continue reading Bluebooks for Semester One!


15 Tips for Studying Latin

I use Henle Latin in Classical Conversations.  I am only on my 9th week of studying Latin, but for those out there struggling with your list of Latin exercises this week, these are some tips I find helpful.  And don't worry!  I need to work on some of these things myself!  I'm not an expert… Continue reading 15 Tips for Studying Latin


The Foundation for a Challenge

"-a, -ae, -ae, -am, -a¯..."  Thousands of kids in Classical Conversations have sung the Latin first declension song.  Even better: a lot of those kids were under the age of 11! Foundations and Essentials have prepared me in so many ways for Challenge (for more info about CC, look here).  I thought I would share three of… Continue reading The Foundation for a Challenge

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Challenge Accepted!!!⏰

Beep-beep-beep...  It's 5:30 and time to wake up!  I roll over, wishing I could sleep for another 2 or 3 hours and wishing I had not decided to wake up at this time.  I have made a goal to wake up earlier on the weekdays.  But you've got to understand, I am naturally a late-sleeper,… Continue reading Challenge Accepted!!!⏰


Week 3 Close- Up: Geography

  Uh-oh!  This Tuesday I found out I had less time than I thought for an assignment.  I have to draw and label Canada from memory this coming Tuesday!  That is one week less than what I thought I had.  I planned my studying and then I found out my scheduling was wrong.  I pretty… Continue reading Week 3 Close- Up: Geography

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School: Here We Come!!

     It's that time again!  It is when we say goodbye to summer and welcome a new school year.  Our days become scheduled and we buckle down for two semesters of learning!  Say hello to new pencils, new notebooks, and a new grade.   For the past three years, I have been a part of… Continue reading School: Here We Come!!


Create an organizer!

Now that the school year is about to resume, you might consider creating an organizer for all of your writing supplies.  When you are done with this project you won't regret making it. Before you begin you will need to gather: Fabric (three kinds, one printed and two solid colored) Scissors or a rotary tool… Continue reading Create an organizer!