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Ep. 4: How to Show People They’re Worth It

Have you ever wanted to encourage a friend going through a hard time, but you didn’t know how? Have you ever wanted to ”be there” for someone, but didn’t know where to start? Today, I had my good friend Grace on the podcast to talk about how to be a lasting encouragement to your friends.… Continue reading Ep. 4: How to Show People They’re Worth It

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Life + Podcast Update

Hello, beautiful people!! Today, we're switching things up with a fun life update and some prep for an upcoming podcast episode. This month is absolutely packed for me (hence, no podcast episode last week), so I thought I'd give you a peek into what I've been up to! Suggested: Surviving vs. Thriving (combating winter gloom) doing...… Continue reading Life + Podcast Update


Do You Believe God Loves You…No Matter What?

You can't rely on a guy for validation. You are valuable in God. God loves you. He is your refuge. Your weight, your features, your personality -- He loves you no matter what. Stop trying to be beautiful and start making God look amazing. Stop trying to make a good impression and bring out the… Continue reading Do You Believe God Loves You…No Matter What?

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Surviving vs. Thriving (combating winter gloom)

Disclaimer: In this post, I'm talking about a specific kind of gloom, but your sadness/depression could be more chronic or happening because of something out of your control, so talk to the people you trust if you're struggling!! Picture this. Your alarm clock beeps, and as soon as you open your eyes, you start to… Continue reading Surviving vs. Thriving (combating winter gloom)


Ep. 2: Getting Excited about Bible Reading

As promised, here is the bonus launch week episode for you to enjoy! Today, I invited my mom to talk with me about Bible reading and prayer, and I came away encouraged, refreshed, and excited to spend more time with God. Today's Questions How can we be excited to pray and read the Bible? Thoughts… Continue reading Ep. 2: Getting Excited about Bible Reading

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You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone

We got a call last week that made my stomach drop. Tears sprung into my eyes, and a dozen memories flooded my head. My dad had just received orders for us to move 1,600 miles across the country, and I wasn't ready. The moment I heard the news, I resolved to take advantage of every… Continue reading You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone


My New Podcast + How to Submit Your Questions

It's time to get things rolling, and I am incredibly excited to begin. My dream, I hope, is finally being realized -- just in time for a new year! But, unfortunately, I don't have the first episode for you yet. That's because I need your help. My Problem... and A Solution Over the last couple… Continue reading My New Podcast + How to Submit Your Questions

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Christmas Music Favorites (feat. Erin)

I'm back!!! And it's so very good to be back:) I had a lovely, busy hiatus. I entered two essay contests, got a job, played my violin for a wedding, had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and even celebrated my birthday. The homecoming dance was also fantastic! And now we're in the Christmas season, and girls, I… Continue reading Christmas Music Favorites (feat. Erin)

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Homecoming Dresses + Hiatus

Green? Blue? Purple? Oh dear... As you can tell from the title, today I need some advice from you girls on what to wear to homecoming (well, a dance that's a lot like homecoming), and I have a hiatus announcement! So let's get to it! The Dresses (help me decide!) one (color is a tad… Continue reading Homecoming Dresses + Hiatus

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Stop Waiting for the Future

I've spent a lot of time waiting. Waiting for a grade, waiting for relationships, even waiting for summer break to finally arrive. I sometimes keep my eyes so firmly trained on what I want in the future that I miss the good things happening now. While looking forward to future relationships, I neglect my family… Continue reading Stop Waiting for the Future