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Guest Post Pt. 1: Ruth’s Choice

Happy Independence Day! I hope all of my American readers are having a wonderful 4th of July! I have a very special treat for you today. Quiana blogs over at Written Lives (go check it out!), and wrote an article for us. Tune in next week for part two! Quiana is an extremely talented author.… Continue reading Guest Post Pt. 1: Ruth’s Choice

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Is God’s Grace Really Free?

It’s a big question.  An important question.  The answer will change how you work, rest, and pray.  Do we earn God’s grace or are our works there for another reason?  The answer- and application- may surprise you. When I finally relied on God’s grace alone, a huge burden fell away. God’s grace is important- but… Continue reading Is God’s Grace Really Free?

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An Easter Story, pt. 2

Hello, readers! I’m back with part two of my story Found. If you missed part one, you can check it out here. Enjoy! I hope this story will bring you to a greater realization of how amazing God’s grace really is. -Rachel A shiny red apple glinted in the sunlight.  It was a beautiful spring… Continue reading An Easter Story, pt. 2

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An Easter Story (+ challenge winner!)

Easter comes around every year, pandemic or no pandemic. Unfortunately, it’s become more about candy-filled eggs and cute bunnies than a celebration of our Savior’s sacrifice. Even if your family dyes eggs and eats lots of candy at Easter (like mine), we as Christians need to take it further. We need to remember. Yesterday was… Continue reading An Easter Story (+ challenge winner!)

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What Does Glorifying God Really Mean?

I got another article published on theReb! I went on a little journey through the Bible looking at what it means to glorify God. Here's what I found! If you liked this, remember to like, comment, and follow!😉 “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God”… Continue reading What Does Glorifying God Really Mean?

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Satisfaction for Your Deepest Desires

"I would be happy if only (fill in blank)." What did you put in the blank? For some of you it might be a tight-knit friend group. For some of you it might be a job. Maybe you put "boyfriend" in the blank. We all have dreams. We dream about the future, and we wonder… Continue reading Satisfaction for Your Deepest Desires

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Christian, Where is Your Identity?

I tried to run faster, but I couldn't. No one pays attention to the slow ones, I thought. Later, I looked in the mirror and thought, I wish I was prettier. But then, with a groan, I realized I had done it again- I had put my worth and identity in what I could do… Continue reading Christian, Where is Your Identity?