Fashion Fridays

7 Ways to Make an Outfit More Feminine (without changing your wardrobe)

Let’s be honest. We want to have cute outfits, but a plain t-shirt and pair of shorts alone aren’t enough. In my fashion blog posts, I always aim to help you put together adorable outfits without having to spend hours on them. When you have a plain, unflattering outfit, try a few of these tips… Continue reading 7 Ways to Make an Outfit More Feminine (without changing your wardrobe)


How to Make Earrings.💎

I love making earrings, and I hope that after you make your first pair, you will love the process and result as much as I do!  I made my own way to put them together, and I have been perfecting and making it easier some.  So go get the supplies from a Hobby Lobby or… Continue reading How to Make Earrings.💎

creative, Spinzilla

How to Make and Use a Drop Spindle

How to Make a Drop Spindle Supplies: ¼ inch dowel Small cup hook Wheel from hobby store. 1. Take your dowel and drill a small hole in the center of the end.           2.Cut a notch out of the wheel. 3.Screw the hook into the end of the dowel. 4. Fit the… Continue reading How to Make and Use a Drop Spindle



The French knitter made an awesome cord, didn't it?  If you like the french knitter, but you need something faster, that means that the lucet is for you!  What I like about this particular tool is that I can make a lot of cord really fast.  You may not be very fast at first, but… Continue reading THE LUCET


Valentine Kiss Rings

Hello!  Valentine's Day is coming up, so what should you give as a Valentine's Day gift?  I have a wonderful solution to your dilemma!  Drum roll please... sweet Valentine kiss rings!   Go and gather: 1 or 2 bags of chocolate kisses (2nd bag for the little monsters snooping around wanting chocolate and for you!)… Continue reading Valentine Kiss Rings