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Knocking Down Idols and Walking through a Door

It hurts, you know; giving up what you’ve wanted for all your life really hurts. It might be a petty dream or an expectation for how things were “supposed to go”, but when our hopes and dreams are left unfulfilled and our idols come crumbling down, it hurts. Many of us don’t want to give… Continue reading Knocking Down Idols and Walking through a Door

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An Easter Story, pt. 2

Hello, readers! I’m back with part two of my story Found. If you missed part one, you can check it out here. Enjoy! I hope this story will bring you to a greater realization of how amazing God’s grace really is. -Rachel A shiny red apple glinted in the sunlight.  It was a beautiful spring… Continue reading An Easter Story, pt. 2

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An Easter Story (+ challenge winner!)

Easter comes around every year, pandemic or no pandemic. Unfortunately, it’s become more about candy-filled eggs and cute bunnies than a celebration of our Savior’s sacrifice. Even if your family dyes eggs and eats lots of candy at Easter (like mine), we as Christians need to take it further. We need to remember. Yesterday was… Continue reading An Easter Story (+ challenge winner!)


Repost: The Wonderful Cross

Hi, everyone! I'm sorry I've been kind of quiet lately. The track season and school year are going to be done in one week, so I've been busy! I thought today I would repost a blog post from 2016 for this Easter week. I hope you enjoy it! If you ever have a question, comment,… Continue reading Repost: The Wonderful Cross


The Wonderful Cross

This project is a great way to remember why we celebrate Easter.  My friend showed me how to make this great piece of art.  Let's get started! Gather: Paper A cross pattern A pencil Pastels Paints and paintbrushes A cup of water Begin by lightly tracing the cross with your pencil. And when you lift… Continue reading The Wonderful Cross