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Fashion Friday: Getting Organized, Part 2

Like I talked about last Friday, getting organized (and staying that way!) is very important.  Today for Fashion Friday, I am writing about how to organize accessories: earrings, hair things, and bracelets/necklaces  Your Earrings We love 'em, but we also tend to lose 'em.  Here are some tips on organizing your earrings.  And if you want… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Getting Organized, Part 2


Super Simple, Super Cute Organizer!

Are you looking for a cute, fun, cheap and easy way to store a few books?   I have just the thing that has all of those qualities!  All you need is a cereal box, scissors, and decorations (and books to put inside!). Then cut the box (it's okay if it's not perfect) at an angle,… Continue reading Super Simple, Super Cute Organizer!

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How to Make and Use a Drop Spindle

How to Make a Drop Spindle Supplies: ¼ inch dowel Small cup hook Wheel from hobby store. 1. Take your dowel and drill a small hole in the center of the end.           2.Cut a notch out of the wheel. 3.Screw the hook into the end of the dowel. 4. Fit the… Continue reading How to Make and Use a Drop Spindle


Valentine Kiss Rings

Hello!  Valentine's Day is coming up, so what should you give as a Valentine's Day gift?  I have a wonderful solution to your dilemma!  Drum roll please... sweet Valentine kiss rings!   Go and gather: 1 or 2 bags of chocolate kisses (2nd bag for the little monsters snooping around wanting chocolate and for you!)… Continue reading Valentine Kiss Rings