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T-Shirt Unwrapping (feat. Reeve’s Tees)

People are often afraid of the unknown. Because of this, many avoid those with Down syndrome. I believe, though, that when we avoid interacting with them, we're missing out on getting to know amazing people. That's why I'm so excited about Reeve's Tees. My neighbors started this business after their son, Reeve, was born with… Continue reading T-Shirt Unwrapping (feat. Reeve’s Tees)

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Micro Businesses

I went to an home school conference this weekend and heard a talk on micro businesses.  It was interesting and inspiring.  After the talk I decided to make a micro business too!  The speaker had written some books on micro businesses.  You can find micro business ideas, books, and also her blog at:  Challenge yourself… Continue reading Micro Businesses