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Video Q&A: Favs, Faith, and Photography

Hello again, wonderful readers! Thank you so much for all the kind comments and enthusiastic encouragement you've been giving me. You made this new world of filming videos so exciting and fun for me. Thanks to your amazing questions, I'm back with part two of the Q&A! It's a bit longer than the last one,… Continue reading Video Q&A: Favs, Faith, and Photography

Blogging Updates, Events, Goals, and Surveys

Outstanding Blogger Award

Hello, lovely readers! I have some fun stuff in store for you today! I'm doing another blogger award and answering some amazing questions. This is s the kind of post you’ll want to read in your favorite spot with a glass of lemonade in your hand. It’s like a sort-of-random conversation between sisters. 😜 AND… Continue reading Outstanding Blogger Award

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How to Instantly Increase Blog Traffic

My blog traffic has increased drastically over the last 6 months. Along with views, my readers have been commenting much more and monthly follows have skyrocketed. While this is partly due to my regular posting and effort to produce quality content, I have found three other strategies that are especially helpful in increasing traffic. 1.… Continue reading How to Instantly Increase Blog Traffic

Blogging Updates, Events, Goals, and Surveys, Life Experiences

My Life As a Blogger

“I just don’t think of my life in terms of blogging.”, my dad began to say after listening to me. I had just explained something I had been learning in life, but I applied it differently than most people would: I looked at the applications and ideas so I could write about it in a… Continue reading My Life As a Blogger

Blogging Updates, Events, Goals, and Surveys

Share Your Passion Award

I'm really excited about posting this today! I think this is the perfect way that you can all get to know me better. I've been reaching out to other bloggers lately, and I'm finally getting connected with other like-minded teen bloggers! Along with this excitement, I was nominated for the "Share Your Passion Award". At… Continue reading Share Your Passion Award


Getting Inspiration for Writing

Have you ever had a writer's block?  Have you ever felt like you have absolutely no ideas for a blog post, paper, or story you have to write?  Here are a few fun, easy ways to gather inspiration.     1. Turn on the Music! For some reason, music gets my creativity going, and my… Continue reading Getting Inspiration for Writing

Blogging Updates, Events, Goals, and Surveys

Why I am blogging

Blogs are great, but why do I choose to blog? Well I'm glad you asked! First of all, I blog to give glory to God.  Second, I enjoy writing and I like the thought that people will read what I write. Diaries are also wonderful, but if you want people to know what you write,… Continue reading Why I am blogging