My Favorite Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas! Although this season is usually busy and a bit stressful, I am awestruck when I think of the miracle we celebrate in December: that God would come to save us, unworthy and sinful people as we are. I hope all of you are having an amazing holiday season and are not forgetting the… Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Playlist


5 Songs to Dance to ūüéß

Hey there! I'm trying something a bit more casual today. Let me know what you think about this post in the comments below! Yes, I do dance. I usually dance in my room with my headphones on when nobody is around. At least, I do something that could be called "dancing". ūüėČ There's a reason… Continue reading 5 Songs to Dance to ūüéß


How to Write (and Finish) a Story

Have you ever written a story?¬† Let me rephrase that.¬† Have you ever finished¬†a story?¬† I recently finished a ten-page (single-spaced, 12pt ūüėČ) story.¬† It was my first time completing a short story.¬† I wrote it for a writing collection for a writing class I attended at my local library.¬† The story was by no… Continue reading How to Write (and Finish) a Story


Getting Inspiration for Writing

Have you ever had a writer's block?¬† Have you ever felt like you have absolutely no ideas for a blog post, paper, or story you have to write?¬† Here are a few fun, easy ways to gather inspiration. ¬† ¬† 1. Turn on the Music! For some reason, music gets my creativity going, and my… Continue reading Getting Inspiration for Writing


Top 5 Tips for Girls Who Are Moving!

I agree.¬† Moving is tough, stressful, and sad.¬† But if you handle it correctly, it can go a lot smoother.¬† I know a few of you are moving this summer, so here are five facts and five tips to help you out! 1st Fact: Moving away is really hard.¬† Especially if you are moving away… Continue reading Top 5 Tips for Girls Who Are Moving!

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Will You Take a Survey?

Hello, everybody!¬† I am trying to post more from now on, and I need some help from you all.¬† If you want to be reading about certain subjects in my posts, this is your chance to let me know!¬† I've made a survey for you all to complete!¬† You can find it¬†here.¬†¬†I hope you'll do… Continue reading Will You Take a Survey?

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School: Here We Come!!

¬† ¬† ¬†It's that time again!¬† It is when we say goodbye to summer and welcome a new school year.¬† Our days become scheduled and we buckle down for two semesters of learning!¬† Say hello to new pencils, new notebooks, and a new grade.¬†¬† For the past three years, I have been a part of… Continue reading School: Here We Come!!

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How To Make A Basic Tissue Paper Flower

Recently, we celebrated my mom's birthday and made tissue paper flowers as part of the decorations.¬† Mine turned out to look more like bows but I think you could fix that problem by cutting the tissue paper in half and stacking more layers of it before folding.¬† Let's get started! First, the supplies: - Tissue… Continue reading How To Make A Basic Tissue Paper Flower


The Sign Language Alphabet

  I will be taking a sign language¬†class at a local¬†co-op soon and I am really excited about it.¬† I already know the sign language¬†alphabet and I really like it.¬† Maybe you will too!¬† Here it is from A to Z! Do you know sign language?¬† I would love to hear from you!


Getting Your Friends Involved and A Surprise Gift

Last year, I got my family involved in my spinning and they are still very involved. ¬†This year for Spinzilla I worked on getting my friends involved. ¬†Because I am a team leader with my aunt, I had to find kids for my team. ¬†I recruited some of my friends, met some new friends with… Continue reading Getting Your Friends Involved and A Surprise Gift