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5 Cute AND Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles

Can you believe it's that time again?! Time for new pencils, new grades, and new experiences. It's time for school! I always look forward to my first day of CC, and I like to dress up a little. One of the things I struggle with is finding an easy AND cute hairstyle. Today, I'm going… Continue reading 5 Cute AND Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles

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How to Make a Schedule

I'm a list lover. Schedules and to-do lists are my go-to thing and a part of my everyday life. Schedules are life savers! Today I want to show you how I make my schedules and how to make your own. Here are three things to keep in mind when you make a schedule. Base It… Continue reading How to Make a Schedule


3 Ways to Improve Your LTW Papers📝

All of you who use Lost Tools of Writing Curriculum know what I mean when I say that the LTW outlines seem to be strict and basic.  I've heard other kids comment on how "strict" it is, but today I want to try to give you another take on their style and how to use… Continue reading 3 Ways to Improve Your LTW Papers📝


Bluebooks for Semester One!

This past Tuesday, my CC class had Bluebooks!  Page-after-page, assignment-after-assignment, our class of Challenge A worked through the test.  It was mentally challenging and wore me out, but all-in-all it was an interesting, beneficial, and a new experience.  Preparing for the Latin section of the test caused me to review all I had learned in… Continue reading Bluebooks for Semester One!


15 Tips for Studying Latin

I use Henle Latin in Classical Conversations.  I am only on my 9th week of studying Latin, but for those out there struggling with your list of Latin exercises this week, these are some tips I find helpful.  And don't worry!  I need to work on some of these things myself!  I'm not an expert… Continue reading 15 Tips for Studying Latin


The Foundation for a Challenge

"-a, -ae, -ae, -am, -a¯..."  Thousands of kids in Classical Conversations have sung the Latin first declension song.  Even better: a lot of those kids were under the age of 11! Foundations and Essentials have prepared me in so many ways for Challenge (for more info about CC, look here).  I thought I would share three of… Continue reading The Foundation for a Challenge

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Week 4: What My Week Looks Like for Challenge A

  I am already on my fourth week of Classical  Conversations, and I can't believe it.  Yesterday I went to CC and I passed the Canada test!!  I am so relieved.  I drew and labeled Canada from memory successfully.  I only mislabeled or missed two bodies of water out of 54 labels. We are now… Continue reading Week 4: What My Week Looks Like for Challenge A

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Challenge Accepted!!!⏰

Beep-beep-beep...  It's 5:30 and time to wake up!  I roll over, wishing I could sleep for another 2 or 3 hours and wishing I had not decided to wake up at this time.  I have made a goal to wake up earlier on the weekdays.  But you've got to understand, I am naturally a late-sleeper,… Continue reading Challenge Accepted!!!⏰


Week 3 Close- Up: Geography

  Uh-oh!  This Tuesday I found out I had less time than I thought for an assignment.  I have to draw and label Canada from memory this coming Tuesday!  That is one week less than what I thought I had.  I planned my studying and then I found out my scheduling was wrong.  I pretty… Continue reading Week 3 Close- Up: Geography

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School: Here We Come!!

     It's that time again!  It is when we say goodbye to summer and welcome a new school year.  Our days become scheduled and we buckle down for two semesters of learning!  Say hello to new pencils, new notebooks, and a new grade.   For the past three years, I have been a part of… Continue reading School: Here We Come!!