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An Open Letter to Spinzilla

Dear Spinzilla, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for holding this contest.  Without it, I may never have spun hours or learned all the lessons I have!  This was what I needed to make me consistent in spinning fiber on my drop spindle. This was my first time taking part… Continue reading An Open Letter to Spinzilla

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Experiments, Lesson 7

Tonight at midnight ends the Spinzilla contest.  It has been fun, exciting, and I have learned quite a bit.  I think I just started truly learning about spinning. Today's lesson was an accident.  My mom was trying to thin out my white wool and when she tried to spin it, it kept breaking.  The weight… Continue reading Experiments, Lesson 7

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Painted Wool vs. White Wool

Today I have spun white wool without any color added.  I have enjoyed it and noticed some interesting differences: Hand painted wool is a somewhat harder to pre-draft.  It is a little more course, but does not break easily.  The non-painted wool is very soft.  It is easy to pre-draft and spin, but it breaks… Continue reading Painted Wool vs. White Wool

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Fixing Mistakes, Lesson 3

What do you do if your yarn is too thick or a part of did not keep the twist, and you did not correct it while you were spinning it?  Don't despair, this can be fixed.  While you are wrapping the yarn around the niddy noddy and come to the wool that is too thick… Continue reading Fixing Mistakes, Lesson 3

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Pre-Drafting, Lesson 1

Day 1 of Spinzilla:  I woke up this morning excited to begin the challenge.  I packed my bags for school and headed out with my spindle and wool.  I have spun most of the day and the lesson  I have learned is that pre-drafting really helps.  Pre-drafting is gently pulling the wool to make it thinner… Continue reading Pre-Drafting, Lesson 1

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How to Make and Use a Drop Spindle

How to Make a Drop Spindle Supplies: ¼ inch dowel Small cup hook Wheel from hobby store. 1. Take your dowel and drill a small hole in the center of the end.           2.Cut a notch out of the wheel. 3.Screw the hook into the end of the dowel. 4. Fit the… Continue reading How to Make and Use a Drop Spindle

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Hello everyone!  I have something really exiting coming up and wanted to share it with all of you so you can join in the fun.  Spinzilla is a week-long contest to see which team can spin the most yarn in a week.   It takes place October 3rd to October 9th. You participate at home… Continue reading Spinzilla



The French knitter made an awesome cord, didn't it?  If you like the french knitter, but you need something faster, that means that the lucet is for you!  What I like about this particular tool is that I can make a lot of cord really fast.  You may not be very fast at first, but… Continue reading THE LUCET


The Wonderful Cross

This project is a great way to remember why we celebrate Easter.  My friend showed me how to make this great piece of art.  Let's get started! Gather: Paper A cross pattern A pencil Pastels Paints and paintbrushes A cup of water Begin by lightly tracing the cross with your pencil. And when you lift… Continue reading The Wonderful Cross


Valentine Kiss Rings

Hello!  Valentine's Day is coming up, so what should you give as a Valentine's Day gift?  I have a wonderful solution to your dilemma!  Drum roll please... sweet Valentine kiss rings!   Go and gather: 1 or 2 bags of chocolate kisses (2nd bag for the little monsters snooping around wanting chocolate and for you!)… Continue reading Valentine Kiss Rings