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Guest Post Pt. 2: Kinsman Redeemer

Quiana from Written Lives is back with part 2 of her series on Ruth! If you didn’t read part 1, check it out here and then come back to read this one. I’m so excited for you to read this article! Stay tuned to the end to read about how Ruth’s story is like our… Continue reading Guest Post Pt. 2: Kinsman Redeemer

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Guest Post Pt. 1: Ruth’s Choice

Happy Independence Day! I hope all of my American readers are having a wonderful 4th of July! I have a very special treat for you today. Quiana blogs over at Written Lives (go check it out!), and wrote an article for us. Tune in next week for part two! Quiana is an extremely talented author.… Continue reading Guest Post Pt. 1: Ruth’s Choice

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Pridefulness: the Secret Sin Stealing Your Joy

Another post on theReb! This pandemic severed our social lives, and many teens are turning to social media to fill some emptiness. As we scroll through happy pictures, jealousy creeps into our minds before we can stop it. Looking at huge successes of other bloggers can turn my happy attitude into discouragement as I look… Continue reading Pridefulness: the Secret Sin Stealing Your Joy

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Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?

Maybe you clicked on this article out of curiosity. On the other hand, maybe you’re reading this expecting to disagree with me. Whatever you came here for, thanks for joining me. I love music. Music makes working easier and relaxing more enjoyable. I love to put on my headphones and turn up a favorite playlist.… Continue reading Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?

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Is God’s Grace Really Free?

It’s a big question.  An important question.  The answer will change how you work, rest, and pray.  Do we earn God’s grace or are our works there for another reason?  The answer- and application- may surprise you. When I finally relied on God’s grace alone, a huge burden fell away. God’s grace is important- but… Continue reading Is God’s Grace Really Free?

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Repost: Beauty, Insecurities, and Contentment

I’m back with another post from my archives! This article was first published in August 2019 here, and I’m really excited to share it with you again. Enjoy! ~ Rachel I sigh as I look in the mirror. My hair is a mess, my face just had an outbreak of acne, and I feel depressed.… Continue reading Repost: Beauty, Insecurities, and Contentment

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5 Songs to Brighten your Quarantine

Though some states are opening up, most people are still stuck at home in quarantine. It is so easy to get depressed and start complaining. I get it, I feel like that too. Let's make it our goal not to complain but instead look to use our time to help others. Whenever I start thinking… Continue reading 5 Songs to Brighten your Quarantine

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Repost: My Testimony

Happy Tuesday! Today I'm reposting an article from about a year ago titled "My Testimony". I hope my testimony inspires and encourages you all. It may not be glamorous, but it's full of evidence of God's amazing grace. -Rachel Tears streamed down my face. I had tried so hard to follow the rules and had… Continue reading Repost: My Testimony

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The Place for Joy in a Crisis

Hi, girls! I recently did this guest post over on Kiara's blog as the reward for the COVID-19 Spring Activity Challenge. If you want to read this over on her blog, click here. Be sure to stop by and congratulate her!! "Ugh.  God, why did you give me this?  Are you sure you did this… Continue reading The Place for Joy in a Crisis

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God’s Love is AMAZING!

It’s time for part three of Found, a short story and allegory of the gospel. Check out part one here and part two here. I hope that you enjoy the story and are reminded of God’s amazing grace and love! -Rachel  Her thoughts were interrupted by a gentle touch on her shoulder.  Assuming it was… Continue reading God’s Love is AMAZING!