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“Beyond Priceless”: the Book that Speaks Truth to Real Emotions

Note: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Emotions are real. Very real. Depression can block out our hope. Doubts can make us give up faith completely. Emotions can be intense, and in the middle of those emotionally-charged moments, it sometimes feels impossible to do the right thing.… Continue reading “Beyond Priceless”: the Book that Speaks Truth to Real Emotions

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“Post-Christian”: the Foundation of Popular Opinion

Warning: Although this is a book review, I'm also presenting some controversial ideas in the article. I want to ask you to do me a few favors. First, realize that I'm coming from a place of love. I believe you are a valuable person, made in the image of God, whether you agree with me… Continue reading “Post-Christian”: the Foundation of Popular Opinion

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Bible and Breakfast Book Review

Have you ever struggled to read the Bible consistently? During this time of quarantine and viruses, we have some extra time for both culinary adventures and Bible studies. Asheritah Ciuciu discovered that combining devotions with breakfast can help make both more of a habit! Summary Bible and Breakfast, written by Asheritah Ciuciu, is part-cookbook, part-devotional.… Continue reading Bible and Breakfast Book Review

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Seeking Him Book Review

"Revival does not begin when a struggling, wayward person decides to return to the Lord but rather when the loving heavenly Father, wanting His people to enjoy the safety and security of His love, calls him or her back to Himself. God is the initiator; the call to revival is a plea of love from… Continue reading Seeking Him Book Review

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A Crossway Book on Biblical Irony

I recently joined the book review programs for Crossway and Moody Publishers. They send me an e-book, PDF, or hard copy of a book of my choice, and I get to review it. This will be helpful writing practice for me, and you will get detailed and honest recommendations for amazing books. The experience is… Continue reading A Crossway Book on Biblical Irony

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A Few of my Faves and GIVEAWAY Announcement!

I. Love. Audiobooks. (I also love giveaways, so stay tuned to the end for the giveaway results!) While I still read, audiobooks are my favorite way to go through a book. I loved how simple yet encouraging You Can Trust God to Write Your Story was, so I didn't really mind reading that one. Point… Continue reading A Few of my Faves and GIVEAWAY Announcement!

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Book Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

The phone was ringing. My mom and I looked at each other expectantly, and I picked it up. In a few sentences, my dad broke the news that we would be moving in just a few months. I hadn't moved for four years, and Illinois had become my home. We had prepared for this, but… Continue reading Book Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

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Book Review:The Little Mermaid

You may have seen the Disney movie "The Little Mermaid," but have you ever read the original story?  Well if not, you really should!  The little mermaid has 5 sisters, her father is the king, and her grandmother is very proud of her granddaughters.  When the mermaids are 15 years of age, they are allowed to… Continue reading Book Review:The Little Mermaid