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Life + Podcast Update

Hello, beautiful people!! Today, we’re switching things up with a fun life update and some prep for an upcoming podcast episode.

This month is absolutely packed for me (hence, no podcast episode last week), so I thought I’d give you a peek into what I’ve been up to!

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setting up an Insta account… Joyful Creations is officially on Instagram!! You can check it out here. I’m hoping to put bonus, exclusive content up there once my schedule clears up a bit too, so stay tuned!

celebrating lots of February birthdays!! I know at least ten people with birthdays this month. 😳 It’s so much fun to have this many birthdays, 🤩 but is it just where I live, or do you know a lot of people with February birthdays too?

playing violin for my church… It’s taken me way out of my comfort zone, but I’m getting better at my sight-reading:) The music is so much fun to play!

formal/prom details… I found an adorable blue dress, and I’m looking forward to the whole thing so much! Oh, and the venue is aMaZiNg! It’s going to be at an aquarium. There are definitely more girls than guys where I’m at, so it’ll basically be a girls’ night out. 😆 I’ll definitely have to make a post about how it goes.

working… I have a job and work a couple times a week at a restaurant near me, and though it’s a different environment than I’m used to, it’s getting better…not to mention that formal is costing a lot of $$. 😂

prank call… this is random, but I was with some friends and I did my first prank call ever. I called a guy and told him all about “my dog dying,” and he totally bought it. He was so sweet but SO confused hahaha. We told him after that it was a prank though. 😂😉

college planning… I finally put a number to how much college costs, so now I’m making plans to get my SAT score up. It’s stressful to think about it too much, but I feel good to have a plan.


vans… got these for Christmas and love them:)

red puffer coat… another Christmas gift 😍

pink boots… got these a while ago, but they are still so cute.

black jeans… I found this new jean fit called “curvy skinny,” and I’m obsessed. Basically, the waist is just a bit smaller and the hips are a bit bigger. They are much more flattering on me and don’t fall down, so I’m very happy.😊

black skirt… Altar’d State clearance for the win!!

red dress… I’ve been wanting this dress from Altar’d State for a while, and I found it for $9! 🥳


homemade granola bars… so simple but SO yummy! Get the recipe here.

breakfast sandwiches… my mom bought this cute sandwich maker recently (#notsponsored), and it works surprisingly well! I like to switch up my breakfasts, and this helps me do that without having to spend a lot of time on it. It comes in a bunch of cute colors too.


weights and runs… a new method I’ve been trying: weight lifting and then running afterward. I’ve built a lot of strength this way and improved my endurance.

Sydney Cummings weight training…

track… The outdoor track season is starting later this month, and I’m so pumped to get started!


Every Girl I’ve Ever Loved by Noah Schnacky

Hide Away by Daya

Jesus, Thank You by Sovereign Grace Music

Podcast Update

As you might have noticed, I didn’t publish a podcast episode last week. I am planning upcoming episodes right now, though. So, I need your help to elaborate on one of the questions I got.

A lot of you asked about dating and relationships, so I have a follow-up question.

What do you wish you could ask the guys in your life? What do you wish you knew about guys/relationships? I’m planning to interview my brothers and dad for the episode, but I need some more questions — all appropriate ones of course!! 😉 You can submit your questions here:

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11 thoughts on “Life + Podcast Update”

  1. I have a question for your podcast: I am not allowed to do anything official or dating with guys, but I still want to spend some time with them. What are some things that we can do together?

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  2. I NEED THOSE SHOES!!!! They are too cute. And I know several people with February birthdays… crazy!
    If I had Instagram, I would follow you, but I’ll have to wait a couple years, lol!
    Also, I’m looking forward to your next podcast episode!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And I will look into those curvy-skinny jeans! I love the skinny jean look, but I didn’t like wearing them because most were uncomfortably tight. Since loose-fit jeans are coming on trend, I’ve been wearing those. I love them, but the waist is too big! So those might be just right for me!

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