Ep. 2: Getting Excited about Bible Reading

As promised, here is the bonus launch week episode for you to enjoy!

Today, I invited my mom to talk with me about Bible reading and prayer, and I came away encouraged, refreshed, and excited to spend more time with God.

Today’s Questions

How can we be excited to pray and read the Bible? Thoughts on consistency and motivation? 

How do you prioritize bible reading every day with a really busy schedule? Also, what time do you like to wake up in the mornings?

How do you stay consistent with Bible reading and prayer when you don’t have the “feelings” of being a good Christian?

Resources Mentioned

Praying Through the Bible by Donald Whitney

“Growing the Hunger” with Gretchen Saffles on Revive Our Hearts

10 Practical Tips for Reading God’s Word Consistently

How to Enjoy Prayer

Can you do me a favor?

This launch week is important, so please share the podcast with anyone you think would enjoy it! Also, you can now submit audio questions through Spotify or submit questions in written form through the new tab on my blog.

Love to all of you! I appreciate your support so much, and I hope that this podcast will grow everyone in this community even more:)

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