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You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone

We got a call last week that made my stomach drop.

Tears sprung into my eyes, and a dozen memories flooded my head. My dad had just received orders for us to move 1,600 miles across the country, and I wasn’t ready.

The moment I heard the news, I resolved to take advantage of every conversation, appreciate every class lecture, and work to make my upcoming track year the best it could be. I wanted to live to the fullest, using every moment for the glory of God.

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But then it struck me — isn’t that how I was supposed to live all along?

Another day isn’t guaranteed in this life: this could be my last Christmas with family or my last year of high school. Consistency isn’t guaranteed in this life either: even without moving, this could be my last season of cross country or last semester at my school. These things in life won’t last forever.

After lots of mixed messages, we finally discovered we are actually not moving. Still, the news has left me with a fresh appreciation for life. I want to show my friends more love, take advantage of all the opportunities God throws my way, and cherish every day as a gift from God.

When the bright lights of Christmas go out, and the difficult months of winter arrive with a slew of school assignments with them, remember that every day is a gift from God. Start your day by thanking Him, and live for Him like there’s no tomorrow.

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21 thoughts on “You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone”

  1. I recently realized this, too–the thought that today might be the last day I have with my family, parents, and even siblings really changed the way I lived each day! It motivated me to be kinder and less selfish and more godly toward them! 🙂

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    1. Another great blog post! Excellent reminders of how only God knows our path and the length of time at each stop along the way. Merry Christmas and here’s hoping you & your precious famliy will stop nearby us, again!

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  2. Oh girl I resonate so much with this, every moment is a blessing! I’m so happy you are able to stay where you are happy!! And I hope you continue to to live like there’s no tomorrow<3

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  3. this was such an incredible reminder. lately the Lord has been reminding me of this every day, as i have a tendency to take everything for granted. thank you for writing this post 💛

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