My New Curly Hair Routine That Works

I found it.

A curly hair routine that works.

A curly hair routine that helps my curls stay defined and keeps the frizz minimal AND LASTS THROUGH THE NIGHT.

Like I mentioned in this curly hair post, I wash my hair in the afternoon after cross country practice. My hair will look great in the afternoon/evening, but in the morning, when I have to go to school, I never know what to expect.

A few days ago, though, I changed up my curly hair routine and had a great hair day. I was happy, but when it lasted until the morning, I was ecstatic. I repeated this new routine the next day, and I had yet another good hair day. I thought this routine was worth sharing. Although this might seem like a lot of steps, it only takes me around 3 minutes or less for each “stage”; the details are really important for this routine.

Keys to Success

  • gel (found at Walmart)
  • letting hair dry in high messy bun to add volume
  • keeping hair less messy by putting it up at night

stage one – wash/brush/gel

  • after shampooing your hair, leave in your conditioner for at least a few minutes (1).
  • while hair is wet, brush it (helps with the frizz and curl definition) (2).
  • while hair is wet, take some gel (but not too much!) and rub it on your fingers. Then “scrunch” the ends of your hair. Flip your head upside down, wiggling your fingers through your roots and scrunching your hair close to your head repeatedly (3 and 4).

stage two – partially airdry/put hair up

  • flip head back over and part hair.
  • let air dry for a bit (until damp, not soaked or dry) (1).
  • take a hair elastic (works better than a scrunchie for this) and put into a high, loose messy bun (2).

stage three – daytime – let down hair/gel/style

  • after 1-3 hours, take hair out of messy bun.
  • hair should be more voluminous, but may need just a little gel to remove any remaining frizz and add a bit more definition.
  • style and go!

stage four – nighttime/morning – put up hair/gel/style

  • when it’s time for bed, put your hair back up into a high, loose messy bun.
  • because of the messy bun, I haven’t had to get my hair wet to style it in the morning and gel is usually not necessary.

Let’s Talk!

Is there anything special you do for your hair?

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5 thoughts on “My New Curly Hair Routine That Works”

  1. Wow, your curls look so gorgeous! 😍 I have loose wavy hair, so sometimes I put in a little mousse, but I haven’t found my perfect hair routine yet!

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