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Christmas Cookies

Two weeks ago, I said I was going to make a bunch of cookies when I got on Christmas break. And I did.

Yesterday was basically the start to my Christmas break, so my little sister and I turned up the Christmas music and made close to 200 cookies. We baked for about four hours and had a blast:)

We also got a Christmas tree on Thursday, so all the cookies were a wonderful addition to decorating the tree.


Gingerbread never get old. My sister patiently made the entire batch while I cleaned the kitchen and started the other cookies. My brother stepped in at the very end, but I’m sure she made almost a hundred!

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Basically brownie-cookies, these things are DELICIOUS. We made a double batch while my brother finished rolling out the gingerbread dough.

Cream Cheese Cookies

We saved the most fun for last. Rolling these cookies in sprinkles was a great way to finish our cookie baking marathon:) They taste like balls of cookie dough. 😋

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the goodies my sister and I made. I hope you do the same and have as much fun as we did!

Have a VERY Merry Christmas!!

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