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Run to Jesus

I failed again. I had let my jealousy and pride control me, and I indulged in my sin guiltily. I was like a child who got her hand stuck in the cookie jar. Jesus saw me, and I hated that I was sinning, but I only grabbed tighter. I saw other girls getting attention, other girls having more followers, other girls having more friends, other girls looking more “spiritual”, other girls- oh! the list never ends.

No matter how much I type on this keyboard about coveteousness, no matter how much I scold myself, I can never lose my pride and fear for long. I am too scared to witness, too prideful to focus on others, and I get easily caught up in sinful thoughts.

We hear about running to Jesus for strength. We hear about running to Jesus for health. But shouldn’t we run to Jesus for everything?

We have this weird misconception that Jesus wipes away our sin after we “clean it up” (Whatever that means). Today I want to remind you that Jesus came to save us from our sin. He didn’t come to wipe up the last little bits of dust, he came to rescue us from the swamp of sin we’re drowning in. He knows we can’t “just stop sinning” and he doesn’t expect us to. He’s just waiting for us to take his hand so he can give us a clean heart.

Jesus came to save us from our sin. He didn’t come to wipe up the last little bits of dust, he came to rescue us from the swamp of sin we’re drowning in.

Mark 2:17

And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Friend, next time you feel overwhelmed by your sin and are trying to figure out how to return to Christ, just close your eyes and do it. Pray to God and get right with him. You don’t have to feel like doing it, you don’t have to have all his commandments checked off, you don’t have to feel like you believe, and you don’t have to love him with all your heart. That sounds pretty horrible, doesn’t it? Praying before we love him?! Aren’t we supposed to love him and have lots of faith before we approach his throne? If God is the one who brings us to him, doesn’t that mean he’s the one who puts love and faith in us? You just need the faith of a mustard seed and praying shows you have at least a teeny bit of it. You can come to him with your doubts and sin, and grab his hand. He can change your heart.

A Condition

There have been a couple times I’ve prayed, but didn’t change a bit. I realize now it was because I didn’t really want to give my sin to God. If you want to get back to a healthy relationship with God, you have to be willing to give up your sin! And if you feel like you can’t give it up, ask God to make you hate sin like he does. It will be painful, but the freedom and restoration are worth every bit of it.

So grab God’s hand and ask him for help. Don’t stay in your sin for a moment, but let him pull you back to him. You don’t have to approach him “all cleaned up”, but be ready to be cleansed from your sin once you run to him.

Run to Jesus, and watch him change your heart.

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12 thoughts on “Run to Jesus”

  1. Thank you for this encouragement! ❤ I always seem to think I need to clean things up before I can go to God. Like I need to wait a few days and THEN I can do read my Bible and spend time with God. So instead of bringing it to Him and being freed, I run away and try to fix things myself. I have always found it hard to accept God's grace, but more and more I am learning to! ❤

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  2. I feel like this was written for me. I really needed to read it. Sometimes I don’t FEEL forgiven until I FEEL sorry, and when I know that I’m sinning and I want to stop doing it over and over again, but I don’t FEEL like anything’s changed. I was thinking that when you’re a Christian, you have to stop sinning, and if you sin once, you’re relationship with God was ruined and confessing your sin was how you fixed it. But that kind of thinking only leads back to my works, and not the work that Jesus did. How should I get myself in the right mentality to grow from my mistakes and not dwell on them? Because when I think about all that Jesus did on the cross, I feel like I’m showing that I’m ungrateful for that every time I sin.

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    1. I understand exactly where you’re coming from. That’s how I feel every day. The best thing for me has been praying. Pray for yourself and ask God to change you the first thing you do. Prayer is such a gift, and it is KEY to having the right mindset about sin. Praying for you!! ❤️


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