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7 Ways to Make an Outfit More Feminine (without changing your wardrobe)

Let’s be honest. We want to have cute outfits, but a plain t-shirt and pair of shorts alone aren’t enough. In my fashion blog posts, I always aim to help you put together adorable outfits without having to spend hours on them. When you have a plain, unflattering outfit, try a few of these tips to make it look feminine and stylish in just a couple minutes.

1. Tuck in Your Shirt

Simply tucking in your shirt turns unflattering clothing into a fitted, styled top. It makes your waistline seem higher and creates a more polished look.

2. Add a Cute Belt

A cute belt goes well with tip 1 as it works as a simple accessory to make shorts and pants look less plain and more styled.

3. Highlight Your Eyes

You don’t need to pile on the makeup, but just a touch of mascara highlights your eyes and eyelashes, making a subtle, but powerful difference.

4. Well-Placed Jewelry

One dainty necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings effortlessly adds a little feminine touch to an outfit.

5. Add a Hair Scarf or Bow

Adding a colorful accessory to your hair makes even ponytails pop. (Tip: summer yard sales are the perfect place to find cheap, cute hair scarves!)

6. Paint Your Nails

I’m usually not into painting my nails, but I recently decided to and was happily surprised. You don’t have to do any crazy designs or colors; even a little bit of color sets the mood and makes your overall look more feminine.

7. Find a Cute Hairstyle

Find several go-to hairstyles that are easy and cute. I have some very simple and adorable hair tutorials here and here that would be perfect!

The next time your outfit needs a simple and cute change, try a few of the tips! My advice was very simple, but if you put just a couple minutes into doing a few extra things, your outfits will look cuter. You won’t have to break the bank or spend hours on your clothes.

Let’s Talk!

How do you make a plain outfit more feminine?

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