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13 Unusual and Creative Activities for Summer

Summer is my favorite season. It comes with vacations, pool parties, picnics… but then COVID happened. My summer plans have drastically changed over the last few months and even though things are starting up again, this summer probably won’t be like other times.

I’ve almost exhausted every boredom-buster list, and I’m mainly focused on a couple summer school assignments (and drivers ed! *eek!*), sports, and blogging. Though these things keep me busy, I find myself wanting something exciting and fun to brighten up the days.

I did some brainstorming and came up with 13 things that didn’t make it to those boredom-buster lists; 13 things to add some excitement, fun, and smiles to your summer.

1. Ding-Dong Door Dash

Bake a treat or buy a small gift for a friend or neighbor. Leave it on their doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run away! Try this cookie recipe for easy and delicious treats!

2. Plan Outfits and Hairstyles

I don’t like spending hours on my appearance, but I want to look cute too! I’ve found that planning out my outfit, makeup, and hair for school mornings leaves a lot more time for study and sleep and makes my routine less stressful. Put together basic outfits that you love and take pictures for future reference. It’s also helpful to have several go-to hairstyles for busy mornings.

For cute and easy hairstyles, click here and here. For cute school outfit ideas, click here.

3. Random Kindness to People We Forget to Thank

When we lived in NC, we sometimes set out packs of water bottles on trash days. When the workers came by, they had a nice surprise waiting for them. They were always so thankful!

I have also found that postal workers greatly appreciate the occasional baked good or handwritten letter.

4. Get Outdoors

This may not be an unusual activity, but it’s so important! I know I’ve told you to ‘get outdoors’ several times, but I think it’s an easy way to keep a positive attitude (remember those “happy hormones”?) and enjoy the warmer weather. Here are some specific ideas and tips:

  • Run (for workout ideas, check out this post)
  • Rollerblade (one of my favorite things to do!!)
  • Bike (time to exercise and think!)
  • Long Walk/Hike (perfect way to socially distance and explore local reserves and parks!)

Challenge: Make it your goal to smile at every person you pass, and see how many respond!

5. Online Tutorial with Friends

Are you tired of Zoom conversations but still want to hang out with friends? Make the call more exciting by having a tutorial! For example, if one of your friends knows how to make really cool bracelets, ask her to teach you (or vice-versa)! You can learn something new even if you don’t have much to talk about.

6. Frisbee

This is a fun option for hanging out in person when you don’t feel comfortable getting close to friends. Frisbee is a great way to get outside, socially distance, and have a blast! If you have a big field, check out this frisbee. It goes SO far and is super easy to throw.

7. Pray for and Contact 5 Old Friends

I’ve made a lot of friends in the different states I’ve moved,and sometimes I forget to check in on them. Look through your contacts and email/write 5 people you haven’t connected with in a while. It’ll mean even more when you say you’ve been praying for them.

8. Limit Screens and Replace with Family Time

This is something I need to do. I’ve wasted a lot of time on YouTube lately and often miss out on family time because of it. You may find something else (music, reading, blogging etc.) is getting in the way of more important things (health, time with God etc.) as well. Let’s take this time to get our priorities straight.

Suggested: 6 Creative Ways to Cut Down on Screen Time

9. Record your Summer

Make this time more memorable by recording your summer activities in a journal, bullet journal, scrapbook, or commonplace book. Videos are also a great option, and you can compile them at the end of the summer for your friends and family to enjoy!

10. Learn the Splits

Or, more specifically, stretch every day for a month with a specific flexibility goal in mind. My goal is to learn the splits by the end of the summer, but you might want to touch your toes.😊 Flexibility is important in sports and life in general, and we now have time to intentionally work on it.

11. Read an Unfamiliar Book of the Bible

Even if you’ve read through the Bible before, there are probably a few books of the Bible that are less familiar than others. I’ve been reading through Old Testament law lately, and I’m learning so many important things about God’s character and Jewish history. If you need some practical help and encouragement to read God’s Word, take a look at this post.

12. Make a Summer Playlist

A good song can brighten up my mood in seconds. Take some time to explore different music genres and create a playlist with your new favorite songs!

13. Dedicate a Day/Afternoon to Someone Else

This is the perfect season to spend quality time with your family. Dedicate a day or afternoon to someone else, and let them plan the activities.

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