6 Creative Ways to Cut Down on Screen Time

Ah, the great time sink. Time flies by as our eyes are glued to screens, and before we realize it, our day is almost gone. God tells us to “redeem the time”, but I often find myself wasting hours on screens. After a while, my head hurts, I feel guilty, and my chores are still undone.

I believe in entertainment in moderation, but too much screen time is clearly unhealthy. Although I still make mistakes, I have found 6 strategies that make it easier to cut down on screen time and use my time in screens in a more productive way.

1. Write Rough Drafts of Blog Posts by Hand

In addition to cutting down on screen time, this strategy improves my writing. I can get out all my thoughts and ideas and keep the distraction of YouTube out of reach. Then, when I type it up, I’m already in the editing stage. It forces me to review the article several times and establishes an editing process.

2. Make Priorities

Many times I will spend too much time on a device, only to realize there is I actually need to do on the computer. When I procrastinate and enjoy pleasure before work, I waste time more easily. Before signing in to your phone, recall what needs to be done and make a simple plan. If you know what you intend to do, it will be much easier to conserve time and be productive.

3. Set Timers and Limits

Have you ever sat down at the computer for “just ten minutes”, only to spend an hour there? Track your screen time by setting an alarm or screen limit on your phone. Alarms can keep us in check and help us track our screen time.

4. Take a Break

If screens get too tempting, I often take a full break for a day. After a day away from the digital world, my eyes are more open to the important things in life. After these breaks, I also often find that nothing has happened online after all.

5. Make a List of Activities

Write down things you both need to get done and want to get done. Then, when boredom strikes and you’re staring at your phone looking for something to do, check the list and use your time for creative endeavors, family games, and constructive entertainment.

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6. Wait Until a Certain Time of Day

I’ve realized that once I’ve signed onto a device, it is easier to use screens the rest of the day. Sometimes I wait until noon to check my email and blog to keep my morning more productive.

These strategies have helped me to take advantage of my time and use it for good. I hope they are helpful to you as well!

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11 thoughts on “6 Creative Ways to Cut Down on Screen Time”

  1. Hah! This came at such an interesting time! I just finished a two-week fast from screens! That’s why I haven’t been commenting lately! Great advice!

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  2. Great post! I just wrote down some of a blog post draft yesterday/ today. I don’t like looking down while I type, but I guess it will help with screen time.


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