10 Tips for Organizing your Room

Like I’ve said before, a clean room helps keep me sane. As this quarantine continues, I’ve spent a large amount of time hanging out in my room and also organizing quite a bit. I have ten tips for those of you who are doing the same.

1. Add Plants

I just started growing some flowers in my room, and I’ve been surprised at how exciting and refreshing it is to watch to those little green plants grow taller and taller. It’s a simple way to bring nature indoors, and, if done right, it immediately brings a fresh, clean feeling to a room.

2. Organize Books by Height

If your bookshelf looks topsy-turvy, arrange your books by height. Doing this clears up a bookshelf very effectively. The difference will surprise you!

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3. Put Away Stray Papers

I have a place in a drawer reserved for letters and special papers. Any stray papers on a bookshelf can be slipped in a folder, and old letters and drawings can be put neatly away into a box.

4. Get Rid of Junk

Oh, yes. I know how difficult it is to sort through your doodads and thingamabobs to find out what to keep and what to get rid of. If you’re really unsure, give it a couple of weeks before deciding. Try to weigh your choice with how often you use it and how much it means to you. Don’t be afraid to get rid of torn, stained, ugly, or small clothes so you can see what you need to add to the shopping list to be comfortable.

5. Think through your Days

Organize your room based on what you do the most. For example, if you use your hairbrush everyday, you won’t want to keep it at the bottom of some crammed bag at the back of your closet. Keep everyday items in easy-to-reach spots and don’t leave your Christmas dress out all year.

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6. Think Ahead

I’ve organized my room many times only to find that it takes too much to work to keep it that way. My advice is to start organizing with tip 5 in mind and try to make sure that it’s relatively easy to keep your space neat. I shared a couple practical tips from my own room here. I also found that Ziploc bags are an organizer’s best friend. They keep things neat and accessible.

7. Put on your Headphones

This isn’t exactly a organization tip, but music and audiobooks make the entire process more enjoyable.

8. Make a Box for Electronics

Electronics and their chargers look messy and tend to bring a careless, “tangled” feel to a room. Get a box or bag to store chargers, wires, and devices in, and then store it in an accessible spot.

9. Make a Space for Getting Ready

For some of you, the bathroom is the main area to get ready for each day. I mostly get ready in my walk-in closet. Wherever you get ready for the day, it is helpful to keep everything in one place. I keep my clothes, hair supplies, and makeup in one area so that I can get ready more quickly.

10. Keep It Up!

You probably know this, but I’ll remind you just in case you forgot. Organization is a breeze if you devote time every day to keeping it neat. Along with that point, making up your bed changes a room’s appearance drastically, so it’s a good place to start.

I hope those help you organize yo/ur room and keep it that way!

Let’s Talk!

How do you organize your room?

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21 thoughts on “10 Tips for Organizing your Room”

  1. Ooog… Well, I know what I’ll be working on for a few days!πŸ˜‰ I am generally NOT a tidy person, and I usually do a big clean-out of my room, and then it just gets cluttered again. I have a lot of loose things messily crammed in drawers. The thing is, I share a room, and the room is pretty small, so I don’t have a lot of places to put organizers and stuff. Any tips?


    1. I definitely get the struggle. I actually just cleaned my room again and I share a room with my sister. She has a lot of doodads, so I have trouble keeping the place neat (that being said, I was QUITE the messy little girl and my sis is much more organized than I was). Anyways, I would concentrate on only keeping out what you use most often and putting away winter clothes in a bin. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!


    1. Thanks, Rehema!! So good to hear from you again! ❀ Ooh, that sounds like a good idea. From my experience, cacti and succulents really brighten a room! I would say to keep wherever you store your plants clean and uncluttered. I’m my opinion, the more attention on the plants, the better! I miss you and hope you’re doing well!!❀.


    1. That’s great, Hope!! πŸ€— I definitely understand where you’re coming from- it’s so hard to be productive when screens are right there! Thanks so much for reading!!

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